Founder of The Q.Psience ProjectJILL HANSON is also a Writer, Educator, Alternative Talk Radio Host, independent researcher and graduate student in the field of Consciousness & Perceptual Studies. She completed her undergraduate thesis in Quantum Consciousness and Neurodiversity, and received her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco, CA. 

With a broad academic background spanning Anthropology, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Astrophysics and even Fine Art, Jill brings not only a strong interdisciplinary foundation and approach to the scientific exploration of the origins of consciousness and the nature of perception/reality, but also an active, lifelong passion for the inquiries of science, the paranormal, subjective reality, perception, and the inherent relationships between these disciplined areas of inquiry.

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While Jill’s not conducting interdisciplinary Consciousness research or engaging in conversation with the greatest minds this Pale Blue Dot has to offer, she balances her exploration of Mind through The Q.Psience Project, with a venture into the integration of Mind/Body as Founder/CEO/Owner + Transformative Adventure Coach (TAC) at SoulPath5K (SP5K) in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. 

SP5K is a truly holistic Life Coaching venture which integrates multilayered, transformative life coaching with the discipline of an ongoing, outdoor movement practice (walking, hiking, etc.) – promising to acknowledge and attune all layers of self, nature, and the critical interrelationships therein.

Through SP5K, Jill combines the rigorous scholarship and knowledge she has gained through graduate-level studies in Consciousness & Transformative Studies, with the spectrum of real-world knowledge and experience she’s accreted through her own unique experience of life. From Jill’s personal success in corporate business management and creative business ventures, 20 years of personal Contemplative Athletic Practice & plant-based nutrition, to a lifetime as a peer counselor and mentor – she offers a deep skillset gained through the trials and triumphs of her own evolution, in the hopes of helping others more clearly and brazenly navigate their own.

SoulPath5K offers Transformative Adventure Coaching in the San Francisco Bay Area, and though  aaron-jason meredith, TAC, in Honolulu. For more information about SP5K, please visit