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Q.Psience Gear

Fan? Follower? Free Thinker? Call in your Tribe and speak your mind without saying a word: Let your t-shirt do the talking for you.

Q.Psience Alien/Zombie Green
Q.Psience Alien/Green Tara/Zombie Green

Extraterrestrial? Zombie? Green Tara? ZOMBIE ET GREEN TARA?

Purposefully ambiguous, you decide…..either way, become a symbol of Free and Progressive Thought by wearing the iconic Q.Psience pin-up girl in mysterious, vintage green.

Q.Psience Vintage Sepia

Q.Psience, clean and classic.

Show your support for progressive, alternative talk radio in a Vintage Sepia style that no one can resist.

Q.Psience Sepia 3D

WIN A Q.PSIENCE T-SHIRT or other exciting branded Q.Psience gear.

How? I’m glad you asked!

  1. Follow @QPsience on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for current contest rules and information.
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Q.Psience Curated Book MicroCollections on eBay

In the spirit of putting non-attachment into practice, empowering knowledge, and to create some room on The Q.Psience Project bookshelves for the next three years on KGRA-dB, the Q.Psience book collection (seasons 2014-2017) is hitting eBay!

Curated, 2-4 book ‘MicroCollections’ organized by topic or theme, these currently eBayBOOKSavailable Microcollections are intended to expand your perception, grow your niche expertise, and expand the scope of your own coveted reference library in an instant:

“Evidence for Life After Death” MicroCollection: 

“Dreamwork” MicroCollection:

There are MANY more New Science and Paranormal-themed MicroCollections currently in curation, coming available soon and on an ongoing basis, so be sure to follow Q.Psience auctions on eBay to get first dibs when YOUR favorite topics hit the auction block!

The Q.Psience Project with host Jill Hanson goes LIVE every Friday night from 10pm-Midnight ET | 7-9pm PT:  

No reality left unchecked. No dogma left unchallenged.