11.3.17 Ken Gerhard & Paranormal Montana

In the 1st hour of this episode of The Q., paranormal investigators and founders of Missoula, MT-based Independent Film and TV Production Company Malevolent Films, KRIS BRATLIEN & SEAN WEIGEL join host Jill Hanson to discuss their high-tech search for the truth: the team's investigations into the myths and mysteries of Montana. In the 2nd hour of the show, … Continue reading 11.3.17 Ken Gerhard & Paranormal Montana


9.29.17 OBJECTIVE: REALITY with Guest Dr. Michael Salla

FRIDAY, 9.29.17, on The Q.Psience Project: The Q.'s once-monthly special broadcast show, OBJECTIVE: REALITY with cohost Dan Willis, brings you a conversation with special guest, Exopolitics trailblazer DR. MICHAEL SALLA. Stream this episode from the Q.Psience Archive HERE. Dr.  Salla is a pioneer in the development of ‘Exopolitics’, the political study of the key actors, … Continue reading 9.29.17 OBJECTIVE: REALITY with Guest Dr. Michael Salla

5.12.17 The Science & Philosophy of the Therapeutic Use of Psychedelics

Did you miss this episode? Stream it FREE, right HERE! THIS FRIDAY, 5.12.17: An expert, multiperspective conversation with RICK STRASSMAN, M.D., CHRIS M. BACHE, PH.D., and JANIS PHELPS, PH.D. surrounding the science and philosophy behind the therapeutic use of Psychedelics, and how non-ordinary states of consciousness may be a powerful tool for making quantum leaps in the … Continue reading 5.12.17 The Science & Philosophy of the Therapeutic Use of Psychedelics

Exclusive @QPSIENCE Content Via Instagram.

Follow @QPSIENCE on Instagram for exclusive Q.Psience content you won't find anywhere else on social media. #consciousness #perception #reality #quantumphysics #newscience #revolution #astrology #luciddreaming #remoteviewing #artificialintelligence #survivalafterdeath #paranormal #magick #cymatics #shamanism #psychedelics #alteredstates #mincontrol #nonordinarystates #digital #philosophy #simulationhypothesis #holographicuniverse #electricuniverse #exopolitics #newbiology #morphicresonance #morphicfields #akasha #zeropointfield #harmonics #frequency #metaphysics #mythology #telepathy #dna #blackprojects #precognition #humanmachineinteraction #collectiveconsciousness #psi … Continue reading Exclusive @QPSIENCE Content Via Instagram.

2.10.17 PANEL: Lucid Dreaming

3 leading experts. 2 hours. 1 must hear event. The Q.Psience Project host Jill Hanson gathers preeminent Lucid Dreaming researchers and pioneers ROBERT WAGGONER, DAVID JAY BROWN and RYAN HURD for the most in-depth discussion on the topic of lucid dreaming you will ever hear on talk radio. This deep and wide conversation will shed new … Continue reading 2.10.17 PANEL: Lucid Dreaming

February 2017 Lineup on The Q.Psience Project: www.kgraradio.com

The February 2017 view from the frontline of The New Science Revolution looks a little something like THIS...... 02.03.17 Now available for download from The Q.Psience Archive: Carl Johan Calleman, PhD discusses The Nine Waves of Creation: Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution and the Destiny of Humanity. 02.10.17 PANEL DISCUSSION: Robert Waggoner, David Jay Brown & Ryan Hurd: The 2nd of … Continue reading February 2017 Lineup on The Q.Psience Project: www.kgraradio.com

From Simulation….to Shamanism.

If you listened to last night's The Q.Psience Project, then you're clued in to the fact that this year could be a MOMENTOUS year not only for nuclear physicist/author/pioneering consciousness researcher/expert Tom Campbell, but also the entire field of Quantum Physics. Stay abreast of these "quantum leaps" in physics by keeping up with Tom's goings on … Continue reading From Simulation….to Shamanism.


Tomorrow night, in the first of many exciting panel discussion scheduled for the 2017 season of The Q.Psience Project, we bring together two very well informed, open-minded perspectives in this ongoing and dynamic search for answers in the exploration of Consciousness - mulling over the evidence which supports a fairly new perspective in science: The notion … Continue reading 01.06.17 PANEL: CAMPBELL | ELVIDGE

HAPPY NEW YEAR from The Q.Psience Project!

As we say goodbye to 2016, I can't help but reflect on the year and the gratitude I feel for the thousands of KGRA-dB and Q.Psience listeners who showed up every Friday night. So many of you engaged The Q. in conversation and idea-sharing through the chatroom, Facebook and Twitter, and in so doing, made this year an … Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR from The Q.Psience Project!

More Perspectives, Greater Depth.

If one expert perspective is great, then 2 expert perspectives are greater - and 3 is GREATEST, right?? We think so! In 2017, Jill Hanson's The Q.Psience Project will be bringing you PANEL DISCUSSIONS with the greatest minds this Pale Blue Dot has to offer, diving deep into topics that blow yours: Digital Consciousness, dreamscape realities, altered states, the … Continue reading More Perspectives, Greater Depth.