Exclusive @QPSIENCE Content Via Instagram.

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Q.1 Astrology Forecast: Dr. Michael Lennox

"You will want to be as prepared as possible for all of the expect-the-unexpected energy that will be part of the year to come." -Dr. Michael Lennox, from a recent post on his Facebook page. You can get "as prepared as possible" for the coming year, by tuning into the last segment of The Q.Psience … Continue reading Q.1 Astrology Forecast: Dr. Michael Lennox


Tomorrow night, in the first of many exciting panel discussion scheduled for the 2017 season of The Q.Psience Project, we bring together two very well informed, open-minded perspectives in this ongoing and dynamic search for answers in the exploration of Consciousness - mulling over the evidence which supports a fairly new perspective in science: The notion … Continue reading 01.06.17 PANEL: CAMPBELL | ELVIDGE

HAPPY NEW YEAR from The Q.Psience Project!

As we say goodbye to 2016, I can't help but reflect on the year and the gratitude I feel for the thousands of KGRA-dB and Q.Psience listeners who showed up every Friday night. So many of you engaged The Q. in conversation and idea-sharing through the chatroom, Facebook and Twitter, and in so doing, made this year an … Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR from The Q.Psience Project!

January 2017 Guest + Topic Schedule

Big changes are afoot in the world and at KGRA-dB - The Q.Psience Project is changing and growing right along with them. Beginning in January 2017, EVERY Friday night will be a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW SHOW. Between sought after guests on speed dial + a library of never-before-heard, EXCITING pre=recorded shows, ready-to-go on a moment's notice … Continue reading January 2017 Guest + Topic Schedule


If you listen to The Q.Psience Project on a regular basis, chances are great that you have a strong sense of some greater mystery behind the day-to-day scenery - and chances are also, that part of that sense, is of a fundamental, underlying interconnectedness between all that is. I have observed and experienced too much … Continue reading ‘CRITICAL MASS’ EVENT: SHIFT AT STANDING ROCK

1.6.17 Digital Philosophers TOM CAMPBELL & JIM ELVIDGE

FRIDAY, 1.6.17, host JILL HANSON welcomes preeminent digital philosophers TOM CAMPBELL and JIM ELVIDGE to The Q.Psience Project to discuss the evidence which suggests and supports the notion that we may be living in a simulated, digital reality. Tom Campbell began researching altered states of consciousness with Bob Monroe (Journeys Out Of The Body, Far Journeys, … Continue reading 1.6.17 Digital Philosophers TOM CAMPBELL & JIM ELVIDGE