Introducing your ALL NEW KGRA-dB Community Experience!

TAGS: #alternative #digital #paranormal #ufo #uap #talkradio #kgra #conferenceconnection If you listen to KGRA-dB, you've probably heard about the exciting changes taking place at which will make your KGRA Listener experience top notch. Here's a quick synopsis of only some of WHAT'S NEW and upcoming....... Listen to your favorite KGRA-dB shows and hosts 24/7 through the … Continue reading Introducing your ALL NEW KGRA-dB Community Experience!

Exclusive @QPSIENCE Content Via Instagram.

Follow @QPSIENCE on Instagram for exclusive Q.Psience content you won't find anywhere else on social media. #consciousness #perception #reality #quantumphysics #newscience #revolution #astrology #luciddreaming #remoteviewing #artificialintelligence #survivalafterdeath #paranormal #magick #cymatics #shamanism #psychedelics #alteredstates #mincontrol #nonordinarystates #digital #philosophy #simulationhypothesis #holographicuniverse #electricuniverse #exopolitics #newbiology #morphicresonance #morphicfields #akasha #zeropointfield #harmonics #frequency #metaphysics #mythology #telepathy #dna #blackprojects #precognition #humanmachineinteraction #collectiveconsciousness #psi … Continue reading Exclusive @QPSIENCE Content Via Instagram.

3.31.17 OBJECTIVE:REALITY…Fukushima

[NOTE: This Q.Psience Event is being rescheduled from 2.24.17] On March 11, 2011, planet Earth experienced what could still prove to be an Extinction-Level Event (ELE). Whether or not that is the fate of our planet, remains in the hands of humanity - and time may be running out to swing the pendulum in favor of survival. … Continue reading 3.31.17 OBJECTIVE:REALITY…Fukushima

Making Connections: The Greater Reality System Through the Lens of World Cultures

On January 6th, The Q.Psience Project Host JILL HANSON had the great honor of hosting a historic first ever conversation between preeminent Digital Philosophers Tom Campbell and Jim Elvidge. The response and feedback from that show has been overwhelming in positivity and number. If you haven't yet heard the show or followed Tom on social … Continue reading Making Connections: The Greater Reality System Through the Lens of World Cultures

HAPPY NEW YEAR from The Q.Psience Project!

As we say goodbye to 2016, I can't help but reflect on the year and the gratitude I feel for the thousands of KGRA-dB and Q.Psience listeners who showed up every Friday night. So many of you engaged The Q. in conversation and idea-sharing through the chatroom, Facebook and Twitter, and in so doing, made this year an … Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR from The Q.Psience Project!

January 2017 Guest + Topic Schedule

Big changes are afoot in the world and at KGRA-dB - The Q.Psience Project is changing and growing right along with them. Beginning in January 2017, EVERY Friday night will be a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW SHOW. Between sought after guests on speed dial + a library of never-before-heard, EXCITING pre=recorded shows, ready-to-go on a moment's notice … Continue reading January 2017 Guest + Topic Schedule

More Perspectives, Greater Depth.

If one expert perspective is great, then 2 expert perspectives are greater - and 3 is GREATEST, right?? We think so! In 2017, Jill Hanson's The Q.Psience Project will be bringing you PANEL DISCUSSIONS with the greatest minds this Pale Blue Dot has to offer, diving deep into topics that blow yours: Digital Consciousness, dreamscape realities, altered states, the … Continue reading More Perspectives, Greater Depth.

Invisible Energy. Astrology. TONIGHT.

Both guest have been confirmed! TONIGHT on The Q.Psience Project: Inventor, scientist, thinker and seeker, HARRY OLDFIELD from 10-11:30pm ET, and Dr. MICHAEL LENNOX from 11:30-MIDNIGHT ET. Like many an innovator before him, Harry Oldfield has often found himself on 'the fringe' of science. His recent work, however, which utilizes his ideas about the selection … Continue reading Invisible Energy. Astrology. TONIGHT.

10.14.16 Harry Oldfield.

This coming Friday on The Q.Psience Project: Inventor, scientist, thinker, seeker of new and forgotten knowledge and explorer of undiscovered realms, Harry Oldfield. Harry received "The 2006 Alyce and Elmer Green Award for Innovation for his tenacity, brilliance and love which allows us to experience our multidimensional existence through his extraordinary images, from The International Society … Continue reading 10.14.16 Harry Oldfield.