2.23.18 Jay Weidner & Jim Nichols: Round 2

On TONIGHT’S episode of The Q.Psience Project: February’s special broadcast show OBJECTIVE:REALITY with co-host Dan Willis.  Once-monthly co-hosts Jill Hanson and Dan Willis welcome back to the show, filmmaker, author, and scholar, JAY WEIDNER and world-renowned UFO researcher, JIM NICHOLS for a follow up to a previous discussion surrounding the roles of Hollywood, the mainstream media, and film in curating the global “reality”.

JAY WEIDNER is a renowned filmmaker, author, and scholar, and is Senior Director of Content Production at gaia.com. Has been called an “authority on the hermetic and alchemical traditions” by Wired Magazine, Jay’s films include “The Last Avatar”, the critically acclaimed documentary, “Infinity: The Ultimate Trip”, and the documentary series “Kubrick’s Odyssey and Beyond the Infinite.” I cannot say enough about both of JAY’s series’ HOLLYWOOD DECODED and DEEP SPACE, both on Gaia – and both on my “must watch list” – so please do the collective a solid and check those out.

JIM NICHOLS is a world-renowned UFO researcher, award-winning video producer, and UFO illustrator. His extraordinary body of work has been published internationally in magazines and articles, and has been featured on “The History Channel’s “UFO Hunters” as well as “Unsealed Alien Files”. Between 1991 and 1997, JIM co-hosted an award-winning weekly program on Tucson Public Access Television entitled, “UFOAZ Talks” – He now shares his many decades of expansive knowledge through 27 fully illustrated blog essays on his website [jimnicholsufo.net], examining a broad spectrum of UFO-related topics, including historical, political, theological and social implications of an extra-terrestrial reality.

Catch this episode TONIGHT: www.KGRAradio.com at 10pm E | 7pm P.

Miss the live show? Stream this and past episode of The Q.Psience Project from The Q.Psience Archives at http://www.KGRAradioarchives.com

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