1.19.18 Eileen Day McKusick: Biofield Tuning

eileenOn this Friday’s episode of The Q., host Jill Hanson welcomes researcher, writer, educator, and Biofield Tuning pioneering researcher and practitioner, EILEEN DAY MCKUSICK! 

Biofield Tuning is a simple, non-invasive, efficient, non-medical therapeutic method which utilizes sound waves produced by tuning forks in the biomagnetic field (also referred to as the Biofield) which surrounds the human body, in order to induce deep targeted relaxation – a method which produces profound and powerful outcomes.
ABOUT EILEEN. Eileen Day McKusick is a researcher, writer, educator and practitioner who has been studying the effects of audible sound on the human body since 1996. She is the originator of Biofield Tuning (formerly called Sound Balancing), a unique Tuning-the-Human-Biofield-cover2therapeutic method utilizing tuning forks, is Founder of the Biofield Tuning Institute (Burlington VT); and author of Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy (Healing Arts Press, 2014).

Eileen has a Master’s degree in Integrative Education, and has taken a break from her Ph.D. studies on Integral Health and Biofield Science in order to work on her second book. Her extensive research and practice in the field of therapeutic sound spans both the academic and alternative realms.

She has trained and worked as a massage therapist, yoga instructor, sound healer and wellness educator, and has also had a successful parallel career in business. Eileen was the visionary and a founding partner of the landmark southern New England restaurant The Vanilla Bean Café, as well as the creator of popular Vermont specialty food product Mama’s Special Kettle Corn.

Eileen combines her background in both wellness and business to form a practical, grounded, logic-based approach to understanding and explaining how and why sound works therapeutically. She maintains offices in Burlington, Vermont and San Diego where she conducts sessions and trains students in Biofield Tuning; she also travels to teach and speak at conferences about consciousness, cosmology, and the biofield.

Eileen has been interviewed by dozens of publications and has presented at conferences throughout the United States. including:

Integrated Health Conference
Globe Sound Healing Conference 
Nourish Vermont 
Science and Non-Duality Conference

University of Arizona Consciousness Conference
SuperConscious Mind Conference (Mexico)
Donna Eden Energy Medicine
Electric Universe Conference

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