11.17.17 Norio Hayakawa: Project Blue Beam

On this episode of The Q.Psience Project, guest NORIO HAYAKAWA discusses PROJECT BLUE BEAM, an alleged secret NASA program in which advanced technologies, such as the use of airborne holographic projection devices and manipulation of various frequency waves, are purported to be utilized to create deceptively realistic visual/audio simulations in order to convince the viewer that they are witnessing a real event. You can stream + download this episode of The Q.Psience Project HERE.

According to some researchers, programs such as HAARP (an earlier version of Project Blue Beam) and the Blue Beam Project could be utilized in the near future to generate panic (e.g. by creating a fake ‘extraterrestrial invasion’ scenario) so that the frightened and deceived public would clamour for some type of global authority and unity to fend off such ‘threats’.

ABOUT NORIO HAYAKAWA: After more than 45 years of researching the UFO phenomenon and others, Norio Hayakawa says that belief systems have been orchestrated by a ‘manipulative force’ since 1947, the aim of which to ingrain “altered” realities and make mankind susceptible to a yet unknown, but sinister and mysterious, near future scenario. In March of 2009, Norio organized the first-ever Underground Base conference in Dulce, New Mexico.

Tune in TONIGHT for more on this hot topic: 10pm ET | 7pm PT, www.KGRAradio.com.


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