11.10.17 John Michael Greer: The UFO Phenomenon

jmg_ufo1Respected authority on the occult and the unexplained, John Michael Greer, returns to The Q. THIS FRIDAY – this time to discuss The UFO Phenomenon and move beyond the familiar debate between those who believe that UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin and those who believe UFOs do not exist at all, and examine stranger and more rewarding topics—the nature of apparitions, the history of secret American aerospace technologies, the mythology of progress, and the role of popular culture in defining experienced reality.


ABOUT JOHN MICHAEL GREER. John Michael Greer is a widely read author and blogger whose work focuses on the overlaps between ecology, spirituality, and the future of industrial society. He served twelve years as Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America, and currently heads the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn. JMG is also a 32nd-degree Freemason, a student of the ancient mysteries, and the award-winning author of more than forty-five books, including Atlantis, The UFO Phenomenon, and Secrets of the Lost Symbol. You can stream JMG’s previous interview with host Jill Hanson from the Q.Psience Archives, HERE.

Tune into this live broadcast of The Q.Psience Project with guest John Michael Greer from 10pm- Midnight ET | 7-9pm PT:



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