8.11.17 Diane Brandon: Born Aware

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It is widely accepted that infants, prior to the age of two, are only conscious of their physical bodies. Although self-awareness is the critical trait of being human, researchers have agreed that infants possess emotional and mental amnesia. However, some infants might have been alert and perceived their thoughts and environments with a clarity that they still remember today. Their awareness might have also coincided with pre-birth memories.

In her new book Born Aware: Stories and Insights from Those Spiritually Awake Since Birth, Diane Brandon releases findings which reveal that infants have pre-birth, at-birth, and soon-after- birth memories. There are two types of people who were born aware: those who remember their thoughts, perceptions, and environment but were not spiritually aware, and those who remember their thoughts, perceptions, and environment but were also spiritually aware. Those who were spiritually aware tend to have pre-birth or in utero memories. Evidence of just-after, at-birth, and pre-birth memories are presented as personal accounts. Diane reveals that she, too, has soon-after- birth memories. Stream this episode from the Q.Psience archives HERE.

Learn what occurs when we are in spirit form just before we are born, how to regain memories, and attain higher soul awareness, and the attributes of those born aware and how we can benefit from their spiritual lessons.

Hear Diane Brandon on The Q.Psience Project THIS FRIDAY, 8.11.17 at 10pm ET | 7pm PT: www.KGRAradio.com

10.9.15 Diane Brandon: Dream Interpretation
Diane Brandon is a previous guest of The Q. on the topic of Dream Interpretation

ABOUT DIANE BRANDON: Born and raised in New Orleans, Diane has been spiritually aware since birth (literally), has had a lifelong interest in metaphysics, and has been an avid student of it for over 45 years. She has been a member of Intelligentsia Metaphysica, Mensa, and Institute of Noetic Sciences.

She is an alum of a high school for academically gifted in New Orleans (Benjamin Franklin Senior High School), has an A.B. in French from Duke University, did Master’s work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures, and attended TUTOR, a language institute in Geneva, Switzerland for French studies.

Diane hosted “Naturally Vibrant Living with Diane Brandon” on Web Talk Radio and Blogtalkradio.com and “Vibrantly Green with Diane Brandon” on Ecology.com, in addition to appearing as a guest on several radio and TV shows nationally. She has regularly appeared as a guest dream interpreter on the syndicated radio show, “Your Time with Kim.”  She formerly hosted “Living Your Power” on the Health & Wellness Channel of VoiceAmerica.com. Diane has facilitated a seminar on Business Intuition at the Rhine Research Center, in addition to speaking on dreams there, and has spoken on Intuition at the Mensa Annual Gathering.

Diane’s Intuitive Counseling work led to writing.  She’s cited in “The 10 Most Common Nightmares Interpreted” in Business Insider and has contributed articles to Connexions (“Wholism and the New Age,” “Guided Meditation and Regression,” and “Paths to Empowerment”), Innerchange Magazine (“The Dance of Personal and Spiritual Growth:  Syncing Up the Levels,” “Experiential Spirituality and Contemporary Gnosis,”  “Shamar’s Journey of Love,” a children’s story, “Heart-Centeredness:  A Healthy and ‘Whole’some Meeting of Science and Spirituality,”  “Unwrapping the Wonderful Gift of Dreams,” “Musings On Ghosts, Apparitions & the Veil Between Realities,” “The Misguided Imperative to Be Positive,”  “Intuition – An Intuitive’s View,” “Befriending Your Other Self — Plumbing Your Depths and Amplifying Self,” and “The Loss of Two Beloved Giants”), to The Art of WellBeing (“Exploring Your Dreams for Wellness”),and The Journal of Tar Heel Tellers (“Vocal Tips for Storytellers”), and is a Contributing Author to The Long Way Around: How 34 Women Found the Lives They Love (© 2000, Carolina Women’s Press) and Speaking Out! (© 2005, Insight Publishing).

She’s the author of Born Aware – Stories and Insights from Those Spiritually Aware Since BirthDream Interpretation for Beginners — Understand the Wisdom of Your Sleeping MindIntuition for Beginners — Easy Ways to Awaken Your Natural Abilities, and Invisible Blueprints: Intuitive Insights for Fulfillment.  She has also written insight pieces on “The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina,” “Choosing Hope—Some Thoughts on September 11, 2001,” and “Disasters in Myanmar/Burma and China — Thoughts and Lessons.”

Diane is also a Corporate Consultant, as well as an Actor, SingerVoice-Over Artist, and Voice Teacher and is included in the 1997-1998 Silver 25th edition of Who’s Who in the South and Southwest.

She started working professionally with her intuition in 1992.



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