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Q.3 Astrology Forecast: Dr. Michael Lennox

TOPICS: #Astrology #wormhole #eclipse #geometry #metaphysics #dreaming #symbolism #metaphor Our favorite Astrologue, Dr. Michael Lennox, is back on  The Q.Psience Project THIS FRIDAY 8.11.17 after guest Diane Brandon, to translate the celestial geometries into cohesive insights we can apply and use to inform the evolution of our own human dramas. Stream this episode from the Q.Psience archives HERE. “This is … Continue reading Q.3 Astrology Forecast: Dr. Michael Lennox

8.11.17 Diane Brandon: Born Aware

TOPICS: #consciousness #afterlife #beforebirth #prebirth #inutero #spirituality #aware #childdevelopment #memory #spirituallessons It is widely accepted that infants, prior to the age of two, are only conscious of their physical bodies. Although self-awareness is the critical trait of being human, researchers have agreed that infants possess emotional and mental amnesia. However, some infants might have been … Continue reading 8.11.17 Diane Brandon: Born Aware