The Q.Psience Project – #1 on TSL!

Thank you to tonight’s guest, Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D., and The Q.’s thousands of dedicated listeners for taking The Q.Psience Project to the TOP on TalkStreamLive!

If you missed Dr. Diane LIVE, you can download or stream it NOW from the Q.Psience Project Archives for FREE, HERE.

Be sure to circle back around for NEXT FRIDAY, MAY 12th, when host Jill Hanson will be welcoming 3 GUESTS to the show for an in-depth panel discussion about the science and philosophy behind the therapeutic and transformative use of psychedelics and non-ordinary/altered states of consciousness. We will be welcoming back to the show former guests RICK STRASSMAN, MD and CHRIS M. BACHE, Ph.D., with the addition of JANIS PHELPS, Ph.D. Who is Director of the CIIS Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research, and who is responsible for developing the first academically accredited, professional certificate training program for legal psychedelic-assisted therapy and research. All of this is going down  NEXT FRIDAY on at 10pm ET, so please do join us for THAT!

Thank you again for tuning in and offering your support each and every Friday night!


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