4.28.17 OBJECTIVE:REALITY…Fukushima.


[NOTE: This Q.Psience Event was rescheduled from 2.24.17]

On March 11, 2011, planet Earth experienced what could still prove to be an Extinction-Level Event (ELE). Whether or not that is the fate of our planet, remains in the hands of humanity – and time may be running out to swing the pendulum in favor of survival.

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, which occurred when a magnitude 9.1 earthquake hit Eastern Japan and set into motion a 30 ft. tsunami, fatally damaged the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima, Japan. The resulting damage – which is ongoing and far more critical than we can know due to the intense radiation’s ability to ‘melt’ any publicly known technology into a worthless, heap – goes mostly unacknowledged.


Fukushima has been classified a Level 7 event by the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES). Level seven is described as “Major release of radioactive ­material with widespread health and environmental effects requiring implementation of planned and extended countermeasures.” According to most in the know on Fukushima, even this highest ‘red alert’ classification is grossly dismissive of the true effects the damaged plant has already, and continues, to inflict on the planet’s life and vital resources.

This O:R special topic broadcast seeks to inform KGRA’s global listeners of the reality surrounding Fukushima radiation, and what WILL happen if humanity doesn’t wake up and receive this great call to action – and soon.

Host JILL HANSON & cohost DAN WILLIS will discuss:

  • How the collective and public awareness has been controlled through an ongoing media blackout surrounding the event and resulting dangers…..
  • The question of whether there is potential technology held secretly within the Black Projects which could be used in the efforts to remove radiation and alleviate the imminent threat of this EXTINCTION-LEVEL EVENT (ELE)
  • How we as individuals can redirect the fate of this potential ELE to save humanity and all life on Earth…..

The Q.’s own Dan Willis will bring his personal research on the topic to the table – you can track his ongoing independent findings through the Dreamhill Research Station out of Grants Pass, OR, US (NUCLEAR EMERGENCY TRACKING CENTER, Research Station ID 1:EB6C8C26).

The truth comes out FRIDAY, 4.28.17 at 10pm ET on www.kgraradio.com – be in the all new KGRA-dB Listener Lounge to get your 2 cents on the air, and participate in the global conversation surrounding this critical event in real time.


2 thoughts on “4.28.17 OBJECTIVE:REALITY…Fukushima.

  1. SO glad you’re doing this. Sure there’s been a blackout on information, but we do have the Internet, and the facts have been out there for anyone to find all along (Radio Ecoshock; Fairewinds.org; Dr. Helen Caldicott are a few I follow). Why do – how can – so many people ignore this hugely important situation? I’ve wondered why the ET concern about nuclear war doesn’t appear to extend to our risky nuclear plants, too. It’s been a mystery to me and I hope approaching it through your lens of consciousness studies can finally get us somewhere. Looking forward to the program.


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