TONIGHT, 4.21.17: Christopher Garetano & Dr. Michael Lennox.

Listen to The Q.Psience Project w/guests CHRISTOPHER P. GARETANO & DR. MICHAEL LENNOX in the all new KGRA-dB Archive, NOW!


2 thoughts on “TONIGHT, 4.21.17: Christopher Garetano & Dr. Michael Lennox.

  1. Really enjoyed this program. Failed to negotiate the new Chat Room, so comment here. I appreciated your interview with Christopher Garetano about him and his work (other interviewers I’ve heard just concentrated on the “curiosities” he deals with), and wonder if he’s aware of a movie called Letters From the Big Man (  ). Saw it at our local film festival. It’s a fictional story of the Sasquatch which treats the subject with great respect and wonder (the director, Christopher Munch, does believe in the existence of Bigfoot). I thought it was a beautiful film on a number of levels (it won the cinematography award for amazing work in deep forest conditions).

    Lots of useful information in Michael Lennox’s interview, which was entertaining and fun as well. Thanks!

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and offer this wonderful feedback! I love having Christopher on – not only is his subject matter close to my heart, but I have the utmost respect for him – he’s a straight shooting, no nonsense guy who’s accomplishment in having successfully reached for, and tackled his own dreams, is just the kind of inspired journey I’d love to see more people empowering themselves to create in this playground called life!

      And YES, Dr. Michael Lennox is ALWAYS a blast to have on! Love that guy…. 😉

      Please do give the chatroom another try, we’d LOVE to see you in there -if it would be helpful, I can walk you through getting set up! Just hit me up via email ( or via FB messenger/Twitter DM (@jillhanson) and we’ll git’er done;).

      Thank you again for touching base an offering such kind support!

      Best, Jill

      P.S. I’ll pass your suggestion on to Chris, it sounds like one he should know if he doesn’t already! 😉


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