Introducing your ALL NEW KGRA-dB Community Experience!

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If you listen to KGRA-dB, you’ve probably heard about the exciting changes taking place at which will make your KGRA Listener experience top notch. Here’s a quick synopsis of only some of WHAT’S NEW and upcoming…….


Listen to your favorite KGRA-dB shows and hosts 24/7 through the new Digital Audio HD PLAYER.

Chat with other folks from around the globe during live broadcasts by hangin’ out in the new and improved KGRA-dB LISTENER LOUNGE.

Miss a previous episode of The Q.Psience ProjectFATE Magazine Radio or The Richard Dolan Show? Need a Linda Moulton Howe fix? NO PROBLEM! Stream ALL previous episodes of your favorite shows from the KGRA-dB Archives for FREE!


Be in the know on upcoming conferences, expos and symposiums WORLDWIDE through the KGRA-dB CONFERENCE CONNECTION, and WIN your way into the most sought after events to hobnob with your favorite KGRA-dB hosts for FREE, when you listen, participate and WIN any of the on-air CONTESTS offered to our global listeners!

And there’s more. SO much more to come. Keep listening to find out first hand why KGRA-dB is truly the only contact you need for compelling and provocative alternative, paranormal and New Science talk radio on The Planet.




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