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THIS FRIDAY, Independent Filmmaker Christopher Garetano returns to The Q. to discuss his most recent undertakings through White Phosphorus Pictures  (the motion picture company that brought you Montauk Chronicles), including a series of new paranormal-themed movies which are currently under development and production.


MONTAUK CHRONICLES (2015; Winner 2015 “Best Documentary” award, the Philip K. Dick International Film Festival)MontaukDVD

“Montauk Chronicles is undeniably visually stunning, almost immersive – more rich, polished and alluring than even the best that Hollywood has to offer with all of the many millions of dollars spent on mainstream movies who’s only hope is to entertain. Christopher Garetano has distinguished himself as a master documentarian, having created with Montauk Chronicles not just a film, but an experience – and that in this day and age is a level of care and expertise not often exacted, even by those most honored, the appointed crowned royals of the filmmaking elite.” Jill HansonFounder/Host The Q.Psience Project on KGRA-dB

“He uses the (Montauk Chronicles) story to flex his own phantasmagorical visions and, my God, what visions they are. Garetano launches into long, visionary and often utterly horrifying realizations of the trio’s tall tales. Scenes of exploding liquids, tormented victims and fanged, drooling extraterrestrials accompanied by a dense sound design are passages that won’t soon leave your mind.” Chris AlexanderFangoria Magazine

SOUTH TEXAS BLUES (2012) Currently serialized, monthly, in Fangoria Magazine. Soon to be released (in 2013) as a full graphic novel.

HORROR BUSINESS (2007) Image Entertainment DVD/VODHORRORbusiness

“[Horror Business] is a terrific flick. Christopher Garetano has completely succeeded in describing the passions, the adventures- and the misadventures- of crazy people like me who, somewhere along the way, decided they… needed to make movies. Anyone who wants to write or direct should see this film.” George A. Romero (director of Night Of The Living Dead)

“Sharply edited, ‘Horror Business’ emerges as a perceptive and revealing documentary about the enormous struggles to make creepy celluloid” Tony Timpone, Fangoria Magazine

Catch Christopher THIS FRIDAY, 4.21.17 on www.kgraradio.com at 10pm ET, followed by Dr. Michael Lennox‘s Q.2 Astrology Update during the last segment of the 2 hour broadcast!

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