3.17.17 The Q. w/guest WOLFSUKA.

TOPICS: #higherconsciousness #virtualreality #meditation #psychedelics #floattanks #luciddreams #independentfilm #music  #animation #music #lsd #vrnews

This Friday, 3.17.17, The Q.Psience Project takes a detour from the normal pace to bring you a conversation with musician, filmmaker, and author of How to Kill an 8th Grade Teacher, WOLFSUKA. A dedicated meditator, Wolfsuka spends evenings in his float tank, fabricating new lucid dream ideas and honing a technique which he calls “RE-FAN”, designed to help the floater explore higher states of consciousness.

Topics for the evening could range from artificial intelligence, psychedelics, independent filmmaking, lucid dreaming, meditation, music and MUCH more – drawing from a lifetime of Wolf’s own crazier-than-fiction misadventures, and questions posed by listeners from around the world in the KGRA Digital Broadcasting live, interactive chatroom.

See you at www.kgraradio.com at 10pm ET/7pm PT for this episode of The Q.Psience Project!

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