1.20.17 Hauntings & Stephen King: The Paranormal & Fiction, w/guest DR. MICHAEL SUDDUTH.

beachsmiling-217x300On this Friday’s episode of The Q.Psience Project, Dr. MICHAEL SUDDUTH returns to the show to contemplate the spookier side of consciousness, perception and reality with host, JILL HANSON. The duo will together tackle questions of the afterlife through the lense of personal experience, as well as Dr. Sudduth’s own research and investigations – all against a backdrop of exploration into the imaginative fictionalization of the darker aspects of paranormal experience: The work of author Stephen King.

A distinguished author himself, Dr. Sudduth discussed his own published work, A Philosophical Critique of Empirical Arguments for Postmortem Survival, on his April 8th, 2016 appearance on The Q.Psience Project (this broadcast available for download in The Q.Psience Project Archives), and continues to explore the discipline of fiction writing surrounding topics of paranormal leaning.

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Between his academic research and personal investigations and experiences, Dr. Sudduth has a deep and well informed slant on this greatest of human mysteries. He approaches the topic of life after death not only from the viewpoint of a philosopher who has consumed the literature on the topic, but also from an experiential perspective – a life lightly peppered with what he would describe as seemingly paranormal experiences, and close relationships with individuals who have also experienced anomalous phenomena, or are gifted with apparent paranormal abilities (e.g, mediums).

This live broadcast with guest Dr. Michael Sudduth begins at 10pm EST on the Friday night place to be: www.kgraradio.com


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