Q.1 Astrology Forecast: Dr. Michael Lennox


“You will want to be as prepared as possible for all of the expect-the-unexpected energy that will be part of the year to come.” –Dr. Michael Lennox, from a recent post on his Facebook page.

You can get “as prepared as possible” for the coming year, by tuning into the last segment of The Q.Psience Project this Friday the 13th after guest Evelyn Rysdyk, for Dr. Lennox‘s quarterly Q.Psience Astrology Forecast – where you, the audience, get your opportunity to address Dr. Lennox and get clarification on what may lie ahead.

Dr. Lennox|Quarterly Astrology Forecast: The Q.Psience Project, 1.13.17 from 11:30pm-Midnight EST on www.kgraradio.com, with participation from both the KGRA-dB Chatroom and on Twitter.

Future Astrology updates with Dr. Lennox: April 21st (Q2), July 7th (Q3), October 6th (Q4).



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