From Simulation….to Shamanism.

If you listened to last night’s The Q.Psience Project, then you’re clued in to the fact that this year could be a MOMENTOUS year not only for nuclear physicist/author/pioneering consciousness researcher/expert Tom Campbell, but also the entire field of Quantum Physics.
Stay abreast of these “quantum leaps” in physics by keeping up with Tom’s goings on through  MBT Events – and if you missed last night’s live broadcast with Digital Philosophers Tom & Jim Elvidge, the show is now available for download from the Q.Psience Archive.
Please join The Q. again next week, Friday the 13th at 10pm EST, when host Jill Hanson switches gears to welcome nationally recognized shamanic healer and author, EVELYN RYSDYK, in an exploration of ancient Norse/Viking Shamanism.
Thank you everyone, have a fantastic weekend!

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