ELVIDGE | CAMPBELL bring the evidence: Are we living in a Simulated Reality?
Jim Elvidge & Tom Campbell discuss the evidence in favor of a Simulated Reality.

Tomorrow night, in the first of many exciting panel discussion scheduled for the 2017 season of The Q.Psience Project, we bring together two very well informed, open-minded perspectives in this ongoing and dynamic search for answers in the exploration of Consciousness – mulling over the evidence which supports a fairly new perspective in science: The notion that this thing we call “Reality” is founded in a digital simulation. Leading us down this deepest of rabbit holes: TOM CAMPBELL and JIM ELVIDGE.

Jim Elvidge is an expert in complex computational systems, holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, a patent holder, and author of The Universe – Solved! With over 20 years of research in cosmology, quantum mechanics, philosophy, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and the paranormal under his belt, Jim has kept pace with the latest theories and discoveries on the cutting edge of scientific understanding. It’s from this breadth of knowledge which he draws in order to present a theory of reality so perfect, so powerful that it explains all known scientific and cultural anomalies – presenting a body of strong evidence which he believes shows that consciousness is the source of Reality itself, rather than simply an artifact of brain function – and that the evidence points toward an apparent “programmed nature of reality” which is based on a self-evolving system.

There is a significant overlap between the concepts presented in Jim’s writing and ideas, with those of our second panelist – nuclear physicist, author and pioneering consciousness researcher/expert, THOMAS CAMPBELL.  Tom has been a serious explorer of the frontiers of reality, mind, consciousness, and psychic phenomena since the early 1970s, when he began researching altered states of consciousness with Bob Monroe, and was instrumental in getting the revered Monroe Laboratory up and running. Tom’s book, My Big TOE, represents the results and conclusions of thirty years of careful scientific exploration of the boundaries and contents of reality from both the physical and metaphysical viewpoints, and expresses a model of existence and reality that is based directly on Campbell’s scientific research and first hand experience. His “Theory of Everything” is truly a theory of everything, unifying under one seamless scientific understanding: Science and philosophy, physics and metaphysics, mind and matter, purpose and meaning, the normal and the paranormal, and even objective and subjective realities.

Tom was one of my first guests on The Q.Psience Project way back on OCTOBER 17th, 2014 – it is an honor to have him back.

Tune in at 10pm EST/7pm PST to hear two of the world’s preeminent Digital Philosophers, discuss the fascinating evidence supporting this notion of a Simulated Reality: www.kgraradio.com

You can get YOUR questions for Tom & Jim on the air through the KGRA-dB chatroom, or via The Q.Psience Project Forum on Twitter using #QPCHAT.


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