January 2017 Guest + Topic Schedule

Big changes are afoot in the world and at KGRA-dB – The Q.Psience Project is changing and growing right along with them.

Beginning in January 2017, EVERY Friday night will be a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW SHOW. Between sought after guests on speed dial + a library of never-before-heard, EXCITING pre=recorded shows, ready-to-go on a moment’s notice in the event of a last minute guest cancellation – your Friday nights tuning in to The Q.Psience Project will be ALL NEW, ALL THE TIME.

Other exciting changes which will be coming to KGRA-dB starting in January, will positively and dramatically affect your Q.Psience experience – – – stay tuned to KGRA and The Q.Psience Project as those announcements start bubbling to the surface!


Follow The Q. to stay up on scheduled guest and topic information, including those last minute, turn-on-a-dime updates:

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