More Perspectives, Greater Depth.

If one expert perspective is great, then 2 expert perspectives are greater – and 3 is GREATEST, right??

We think so!

In 2017, Jill Hanson‘s The Q.Psience Project will be bringing you PANEL DISCUSSIONS with the greatest minds this Pale Blue Dot has to offer, diving deep into topics that blow yours: Digital Consciousness, dreamscape realities, altered states, the afterlife, psi effects, and so much MORE – each show aimed at bringing you the absolute FRESHEST, most open-minded, grounded, critical thinking New Science perspectives in the exploration of humanity’s true Last Frontiers: The natures of consciousness & perception itself, and reality.

1.6.16: TOM CAMPBELL & JIM ELVIDGE discuss the evidence in support of the fascinating theory of Digital Consciousness and a simulated reality.

2.10.16: ROBERT WAGGONER, DAVID JAY BROWN & RYAN HURD discuss the reality of lucid dreaming.


Always be in the know on show guests and topics: Subscribe to Q.Psience Events on the official Q.Psience Facebook page – and even more importantly, become a rebel on the frontlines of the New Science Revolution yourself, EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT from 10pm-Midnight EST, only on KGRA-dB.

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