If you listen to The Q.Psience Project on a regular basis, chances are great that you have a strong sense of some greater mystery behind the day-to-day scenery - and chances are also, that part of that sense, is of a fundamental, underlying interconnectedness between all that is. I have observed and experienced too much … Continue reading ‘CRITICAL MASS’ EVENT: SHIFT AT STANDING ROCK


11.11.16 Kosta Makreas & Hollis Polk

Kosta Makreas, Founder of the "Global HICE ET Contact" Initiative (Human Initiated Contact Experience), along with clairvoyant Hollis Polk, join host Jill Hanson on The Q.Psience Project. this coming 11.11. Kosta's life's work revolves around the belief that our planet is currently being visited by benevolent ExtraTerrestrial Intelligences which are eager to cooperate with us … Continue reading 11.11.16 Kosta Makreas & Hollis Polk

1.6.17 Digital Philosophers TOM CAMPBELL & JIM ELVIDGE

FRIDAY, 1.6.17, host JILL HANSON welcomes preeminent digital philosophers TOM CAMPBELL and JIM ELVIDGE to The Q.Psience Project to discuss the evidence which suggests and supports the notion that we may be livingĀ in a simulated, digital reality. Tom Campbell began researching altered states of consciousness with Bob Monroe (Journeys Out Of The Body, Far Journeys, … Continue reading 1.6.17 Digital Philosophers TOM CAMPBELL & JIM ELVIDGE