10.14.16 Dr. Michael Lennox.

In the final segment of this Friday’s episode of The Q.Psience Project, Author, Astrologer & world-renowned Dream Interpreter, Dr. MICHAEL LENNOX, joins host Jill Hanson for his quarterly discussion on the foundations of Astrological Cosmology, and professional “finger on the pulse” insights into the current Astrological forces influencing the fabric of human experience.

Tune in at 10pm ET for Guest Harry Oldfield, then Dr. Michael Lennox from 11:30pm-Midnight ET. As always, you can join in on the global discussion about show topics in real time by hanging out in the KGRA-db LIVE interactive chatroom, or by following the discussion via Twitter and tagging @QPsienceCHAT using #QPCHAT.

As always, you can stream the best in alternative, paranormal and UFO talk radio 24/7 via the following platforms: Tunein, TalkStreamLive & SHOUTcast (search “KGRA”). Have a great rest of the week everyone, “see” you on Friday!


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