Invisible Energy. Astrology. TONIGHT.

Both guest have been confirmed! TONIGHT on The Q.Psience Project: Inventor, scientist, thinker and seeker, HARRY OLDFIELD from 10-11:30pm ET, and Dr. MICHAEL LENNOX from 11:30-MIDNIGHT ET. Like many an innovator before him, Harry Oldfield has often found himself on 'the fringe' of science. His recent work, however, which utilizes his ideas about the selection … Continue reading Invisible Energy. Astrology. TONIGHT.


10.14.16 Dr. Michael Lennox.

In the final segment of this Friday's episode of The Q.Psience Project, Author, Astrologer & world-renowned Dream Interpreter, Dr. MICHAEL LENNOX, joins host Jill Hanson for his quarterly discussion on the foundations of Astrological Cosmology, and professional "finger on the pulse" insights into the current Astrological forces influencing the fabric of human experience. Tune in at 10pm ET for Guest Harry Oldfield, … Continue reading 10.14.16 Dr. Michael Lennox.

10.14.16 Harry Oldfield.

This coming Friday on The Q.Psience Project: Inventor, scientist, thinker, seeker of new and forgotten knowledge and explorer of undiscovered realms, Harry Oldfield. Harry received "The 2006 Alyce and Elmer Green Award for Innovation for his tenacity, brilliance and love which allows us to experience our multidimensional existence through his extraordinary images, from The International Society … Continue reading 10.14.16 Harry Oldfield.

The Physics of Love 2.0: Science & Spirituality Reunited – through Ultimate Universal Law.

THIS FRIDAY, 10.7.16, Renaissance Man DALE POND returns to The Q. to discuss his updated exploration into The Ultimate Universal Laws of love and consciousness. Dale will discuss the science which underlies ALL phenomena - vibration - or, what many students of physics may know as "entanglement" or Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. Look forward to a dynamic discussion, weaving together … Continue reading The Physics of Love 2.0: Science & Spirituality Reunited – through Ultimate Universal Law.