“Apathy & Politics: Tools of the Trade?” OBJECTIVE:REALITY, Friday at 10pm-Midnight ET

This Friday: The Q.Psience Project‘s special broadcast OBJECTIVE:REALITY dismantles perceptions surrounding the underlying architecture of the current apathy-reliant system.

Jill and cohost Dan Willis address the importance of activism surrounding our altruistic ideals (even when we can’t see the immediate positive response in our perceived reality), the power of its ripple effect – how to create your own ripples of change in the collective consiousness – and explore the potential reality of an underlying system of manipulation:

  • Are those individuals who have become so disempowered through entrained apathy as not to participate in, or view politics as a tool for possible change – “equal but opposite” pawns – engineered into a general system – to those who actively buy into the political state of affairs and seek to wield it as a tool of change?
  • How, and to what degree, is the current presidential election situated into the ongoing agenda of the Cabal/NWO?
  • How is an individual to circumvent The System in order to successfully navigate the straits between the extremes of disengaged apathy and blind investment in the current political system?
  • How does the individual reclaim empowerment in order to add POSITIVELY to the collective? 

These questions and more, addressed Friday night on The Q.’s OBJECTIVE:REALITY. 10pm-MIDNIGHT ET, www.kgraradio.com or via Tunein, with LIVE participation through both the KGRA-db chatroom and the Q.Psience Twitter Forum.

“See” you “there”……


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