On Wednesday, May 9th, 2001, ex-ABC newsman DAN WILLIS was one of over twenty Top Secret military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses who testified at the National Press Club in Washington, DC in order to establish the reality of intelligent extraterrestrial life, visitation, and the advanced energy and propulsion technologies gained by humanity through ET contact.

In the wake of what was supposed to be a monumentous event with extensive, mainstream media coverage, Dan observed the reality: Coverage of the 2001 National Press Club testimony was sanitized by the mainstream media, remaining virtually unheard outside of the event itself – despite the presence and promise of major news outlets to broadcast these affirmations of Extraterrestrial contact and technology to the public.

This window into the reality of the large-scale denial and coverup which continues to take place, started Dan on a dedicated path to Disclosure. Since that day in 2001, Dan has dedicated his life’s work to exposing the dark agenda underlying the overt concealment of critical information and technology, attempting to dismantle the structures which purvey the curated  disinformation and “Agreed Upon Reality” into which we ALL have been indoctrinated.

Dan Willis joins The Q.Psience Project as cohost for the once-monthly Special Broadcast show, OBJECTIVE:REALITY, which seeks to peel away the layers of perception to reveal whatever true reality lies beneath. You can catch Hosts Jill Hanson & Dan Willis together THIS FRIDAY, September 30th on The Q.Psience Project, as well as the last Friday of every month, from 10pm -Midnight EST on the KGRA Digital Broadcasting Station, or via Tunein.



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