Creativity. Integrity. BIGFOOT.

It is always an inspiration to speak with Christopher Garetano. What a rare thing it is in this day and age, to witness the process of a person who believes so wholeheartedly in his own vision, as to stand firmly within that vision without allowing it to be eroded or discolored by compromise. Christopher Garetano is truly a revolutionary who embodies the artist, warrior and seeker in all of us.

For me, supporting the production of BIGFOOT isn’t simply about seeing a really great movie about a really fascinating topic come to fruition – there is so much more meaningfully at stake here. I see this as a juncture we each face, where we have the opportunity to sieze the invitation to become an agent of change. Not often enough do we recognize our own power, nor our own ability to change the world through even the smallest of our actions – but the fact of the matter is, when we stand for something, when we support what is good in the world, no matter how insiginificant it may seem in the moment – its NEVER insignificant.

So, stand for free thought. Stand in support of creativity, because the human soul will wilt and dessicate without it. Stand in support of positive role models, in support of passion, vitality, integrity, hard work – when you witness it in others, stand in support of dogged persistence – and ALWAYS sieze the opportunity to stand in support of everyone and everything that reflects life’s intrinsic beauty and value, and know the power of what is possible when we do.

Christopher – a very humble thank you to you, for sharing your strength and passion with the rest of us through your work – the collective is empowered through your experience and accomplishments.


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