Quantum Thinking & Truth.

I’ve received a lot of feedback regarding last night’s The Q.Psience Project. On the surface its been overwhelmingly positive, of which I’m grateful, so thank you to all of you who have taken the time to share your responses. There is however, one issue quietly underlying most of the feedback which I feel needs to be addressed: Linear vs. Quantum thinking.
Overwhelmingly, we exist in a linear world – a world marked by chronology, where by nature of reason, things happen in a systematic progression, where each step forward is a necessary foundation for whatever step succeeds it. Most of us find no reason in this life to question this cosmology, because it is supported and affirmed by not only our experience of the world and the conveyed experiences of everyone around us, but also from within all instated social and life structures, e.g. education – where one is taught that only through building upon progressively more complex knowledge and ideas, “knowledge” is possible, or in the case of “working your way up the ladder” in a career, where only increasingly more complex skills build upon the foundations of prior knowledge and ability.
While this orderly and linear “building upon” manner of operation appears to be the way things work, and it is portrayed to be the ONLY way by The Powers That Be, I’m going to propose that maybe there IS in fact another way. I’m going to ask that for a moment, in the name of science and reason and the pursuit of truth, we entertain that there may be another way of “gaining” and getting from Point A to Point B:
Just BE Point B. Forget what you’ve been told about how to get from here to there. Forget all of the work and time and energy you’ve been told it will take to make the transition. Forget all of the busyiness, the glorification and romanticizing of the work and the struggle of the process. Just fucking BE that thing, that place which you hold as outside yourself: Use quantum thinking. Quantum possibility. “Process” is a precipitate of the physical dimension – if you want to define yourself and your potential within those confines, be my guest – but I won’t, I can’t, when there is so much information and evidence pulling me to believe there is so much more to us than the most obvious of existences.
You can dismiss and scoff at the idea of something, like getting your blackbelt in one day, for instance – God knows you would easily be justified and supported by almost anyone around you in doing so, because that’s just NUTS, right? But there’s a fundamental problem with that. Its simply lazy to be so dismissive without even pausing to consider. Its lazy to adhere to commonly accepted ways of thought without being present in possibility, especially when there is precedence for such possibility through scientific observations of the quantum world, which could theoretically be pervasive through what could potentially be a holographic omniverse.
Considering proposed truths/facts/answers doesn’t mean you BELIEVE them, pausing to consider is not an endorsement of an idea – rather it reflects a discerning nature and propensity for seeking TRUTH beyond dogma. Yes, its work to have to think rather than just react, and no, its not always popular to take pause to consider “crazy” ideas. YES, you risk the esteem of colleages and peers in doing so sometimes; YES, there is the risk of being looked upon as “gullible”…..It all comes down to what you’re willing to sacrifice and for what end.
We may live in a holographic omniverse. We may live on a Flat Earth run by Reptillians. We may be livestock engineered by ET for who-knows-what purpose. We may be digital avatars in some cosmic computer game. We may be descendents of Adam and Eve, postal code “Garden of Eden.” Its difficult to speak in absolutes on any level given the subject nature of our reality and the sheer quantity of knowledge which remains an absolute mystery to the egotistical, anthropomorphizing Human Race. What I do know, is that if you’re going to take this journey with me – if you’re going to seek truth and make that a priority – you’re going to have to be a strong enough person to ask some really big, sometimes seemingly ridiculous questions when it may not be popular to do so, and you’re going to have to do it without investing in the opinions of others insofar as your pursuits. You’re going to have to risk looking like a fool and the comfort of popularity – because the truth is, The Truth isn’t always apparent or sensible in terms of our opinion, or anyone else’s. You choose comfort or truth, because rarely are they the same thing.
Be water, my friend – BE the atom. BE the impossible – because THAT is what IS possible, and as far as I’m concerned, there’s no other truer pursuit than to aim for quantum thought and quantum BEING.

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