GUEST: Lawrence M. Krauss.

TONIGHT in the first hour of THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT, I’m very excited to be welcoming acclaimed teacher, lecturer, author, and internationally known Theoretical Physicist, Lawrence M. Krauss to the show! For anyone unfamiliar with his extensive body of work, Krauss ( is Foundation Professor of the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University, and wears the crown as the only physicist to have received awards from all three major American physics societies. 

I have followed Prof. Krauss’ work for years, having spent many a blissful, lazy Saturday watching his talks on YouTube amidst the physics-related discourse of many other accomplaished physicists – and while over the past several years I have become less enamoured with what I consider to be the “materialist” scientific viewpoint (he mentioned to me that what I call “materialist science,” he simply calls “science”), as well as the “science vs. religion” argument – the man wins me over consistently with his depth of knowledge, his charismatic sense of humor, and his heartfelt regaurd for the same sense of awe which has lead me down my own professional path.

Tonight I look forward to getting a first-hand perspective on Krauss’ work through ASU’s Origins Project, which he founded to explore everything from the origins of the universe and human origins, to the origins of consciousness and beyond; also on the agenda, I hope to glean insight into the recent excitement surrounding the discovery of gravitational waves, which Professor Krauss has rightly called a “window to the universe.”

You won’t want to miss this – I’ll see ALL OF YOU tonight at 9pm EST at and – tuning in is the ONLY way to find out who my “Mystery Guests” will be in the 2nd hour of the show!

Best, Jill






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