Theoretical Physicist Lawrence M. Krauss visits The Q.Psience Project

In the first segment of The Q.Psience Project this Friday (4.15.16) from 9-10pm EST, I’m very excited to be welcoming to the broadcast acclaimed teacher, lecturer, author, and internationally known theoretical physicist, Lawrence M. Krauss.

Krauss, Foundation Professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration at ASU, is Director of the Origins Project at Arizona State University which explores everything from the origins of the universe, to human origins and even our scope of exploration here at The Q.Psience Project: The origins of consciousness.

Lawrence’s work through, and vision for, the Origins Project at ASU, will be the primary focus of our short hour together, I also hope to address with him the ins, outs and implications of recent and very exciting discoveries surrounding gravitational waves.

There are many different ways to tunein, here are just a few: The KGRA-db website:, The KGRA-db Live, Interactive Chatroom:, Tunein on the web:

One last thing – follow The Q.Psience Project on Twitter (@QPsience) and Facebook for forthcoming guest information for the 2nd half of the show (10-11pm EST).

I look forward to another exciting Friday night with everyne!






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