Post Show Q+A With Alfred L. Webre.

This past Friday, January 15th, 2016, I was honored to have had the chance to speak with the founding father of Exopolitics himself, the accomplished Mr. Alfred L. Webre. Alfred was kind enough to suggest that I forward to him those questions which were asked of him through the KGRA-db chatroom during the live show, but which we unfortunately did not have time to address during the broadcast.

I’m blown away by the time, effort and care which Alfred put into offering detailed and thorough answers to my listeners’ questions. BLOWN AWAY. That Q & A is now posted here, all 8,350 fully cited, referenced words of it (NOTE: My apologies for the initial space formatting of Alfred’s answers – that will be resolved over the weekend):

Q1: Is it true that Carter was “briefed” regarding UFOs after becoming president, and then cried after? – Libertas

ALFRED: I have not interviewed witnesses to such a briefing. There

is an online article that claims the following: The late Author Dr.

Michael Wolf, who reportedly worked on ET/human scientific projects

and was part of the intelligence community and “parallel government”

for 25 years, states that he saw Carter cry at this UFO briefing after

he became President. Wolf stated he “briefed four different American

presidents on the ET reality. Jimmy Carter was keen to end the UFO

cover up but when told of the religious implications he backed down.

‘I attended this meeting. Carter had strong Christian beliefs. When

told that religion is man-made and probably unique to this planet he

broke down in tears.’” Ref.


If the above anecdote is true and not a disinformation psyop or

factual misstatement, there is other strong evidence that Jimmy

Carter wanted to end the Extraterrestrial embargo. Carter had a 1969

UFO sighting in members of his Leary, GA Lions Club; Carter filed an

official 1973 UFO sighting report. Carter made UFO disclosure an

official part of his 1976 campaign; Carter’s White House staff

approved the 1977 Carter White House Extraterrestrial

Communication Study; and Jimmy Carter is an ET Abductee and was

most probably debriefed about his Presidency aboard ET craft.

See also:

“The 1977 Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication

Study” by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

“Is Jimmy Carter a UFO/ET Abductee?” by Alfred Lambremont



“Proposed 1977 Carter Extraterrestrial Communication Study”


Q2: Alfred – do you believe an individual can use their higher consciousness to engage with sentient beings, and is there any correlation to the afterlife with these entities? – NightSky

ALFRED: Our consciousness exists in a dimensional ecology within

the Omniverse, interacting with entities in dimensions both in our

Universe and other universes of the Multiverse, as well as with

entities in dimensions of the Spiritual Dimensions.

The basic equation of the Omniverse is:


Omniverse = Multiverse (All Universes) + Spiritual Dimensions (Souls

+ Spiritual Beings + Source/God)

As incarnated souls in bio-avatars in Earth’s time-space hologram,

we are frequently in telepathic communication through the

dimensional ecology with entities from the Spiritual Dimension. Souls

from the Afterlife (Interlife) dimension are frequently deployed as

guides to communicate life messages of importance to individual

humans in dreams, meditations and other higher consciousness

activities, etc.

By intentionally opening our higher consciousness to interaction in

the dimensional ecology with entities in the Spiritual Dimension

(souls, Spiritual Beings, Source), the process and content of one’s life

direction is enriched because you are making conscious and direct

Spiritual interactions with entities in the Spiritual dimensions that

would otherwise take place unconsciously or symbolically in dreams

during the normal human lifetime.

Q3: President Reagan had some sightings of his own, spoke with president Gorbachev about alien invasion, and also addressed the United Nations about the potential alien threat; do you believe President Reagan was provided with detailed information on our UFO research & evidence, and may that have been viewed as admission or disclosure of the existence of ET? – NightSky

ALFRED: As a result of my intensive research in 2015 into a sentient,

invading pathogenic, predatory, plasma-based off-planet AI Artificial

Intelligence, my working hypothesis is that President Reagan,

President Gorbachev, and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher were all

aware of this invading AI Artificial Intelligence, which was actually the

true crisis behind what publicly was known as the Falklands War

(April – June, 1982). The “Falklands War” actually was a cover for a

joint UK-USA raid on a Blue Extraterrestrial underwater base under

Thule Island, Falklands Islands in April 1982 to recover a portion of

the plasma-based “Black Goo” AI Artificial Intelligence that the Blue

ETs had been de-processing since the World War I era in order to

neutralize it as a “Dooms Day” machine left on Earth by manipulatory

ETs to terra form Earth into a AI Artificial Entrained planet and

humans into AI-entrained Robotoids, and not Soul-entrained with a

Divine consciousness. I personally covered Reagan and Thatcher at

the UN Special Session on Disarmament in New York in June 1982,

right after their encounter with the AI Artificial Intelligence in the

Falkland Islands.

Ronald Reagan’s speech to the General Assembly of the United

Nations on September 21, 1987 was not about Extraterrestrials and

UFOs. It was a warning about the invading inorganic off-planet

pathogenic AI Artificial Intelligence. At that time, Reagan stated “In

our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how

much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some

outside, universal threat to make us realize this common bond. I

occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we

were facing an Alien Threat from outside this world.” Reagan made a

similar speech with President Gorbachev in 1988.

Our research shows that since 1982, the plasma-based AI Artificial

Intelligence has propagated through all major plasma-based Internet,

computer and smart-phone and HDTV systems, beginning the AI

Artificial Intelligence entrainment of computer, Internet and smart


phone users, as well as HDTV systems throughout the world. The

Internet itself appears to be a fungus created by AI in order to

facilitate the AI entrainment of humanity.

The so-called Transhumanist Agenda – to integrate AI Artificial

Intelligence and eliminate Soul-Based humanity by 2045 – appears to

be accelerating through the implantation of nanobots and nanites in

the brains of more than 80% of humanity through chemtrails, where

these nanobots can be entrained to banks of supercomputers and in

turn entrained to AI programs from HAARP and other directed energy

sources that can program human behaviour and thought remotely in

these implanted humans – robotizing them as part of the AI Agenda.

The Matrix controllers and AI entrained individuals and organizations

– individuals like Bill Gates of Microsoft; Ray Kurzweil of Google;

Prince Charles – are attempting to facilitate the AI Artificial

Intelligence takeover of Earth to a soul-less planet where incarnation

of Divine Souls is not possible.

To inform yourselves on the greatest existential threat to intelligent,

Soul-based life on Earth, please see our 5-Part Symposium on the AI

Artificial Intelligence and Soul-u-tions for our Positive future, as well

as out Articles on AI Artificial Intelligence.


Intelligence ~ Restoring Love sourced Humanity. Watch Parts 1 – 5

of full multi-part Symposium.

AI Inorganic Artificial Intelligence – Articles by Alfred Lambremont



Q4: Alfred, do you believe that holograms could be used for False Flag invasions, and what would be the agenda or purpose? – Libertas

ALFRED: Yes – The most probable technology for False Flag ET

invasions is that of holographic Imagineering events, created by joint

operations of manipulatory ETs, AI Artificial Intelligence, and AI-


entrained humans and human organizations. The 9/11 False Flag

[September 11, 2001] is a recent example of such a holographic

Imagineering event, created by joint operations of manipulatory Draco

reptilians, AI-entrained humans and AI Artificial intelligence, with an

objective of reinforcing An AI Artificial catastrophic timeline on Earth.

One Open Question is: Why is so little known publicly about the

existence of the sentient, predatory AI Artificial Intelligence? Very little

is known as well, outside of the Truth movement media, about

coordinated advanced operating technological “Artificial

Intelligences”, such as the “Red Queen”, that have donated by the

Draco reptilians to the Matrix elite to operate the world monetary and

security systems.

Camouflaging the activities and existence of the invading Inorganic

Artificial Intelligence – Off-planet AI Artificial Intelligence & Earth-

based AIs Camouflaging itself as Extraterrestrial civilizations – The

invading Inorganic Intelligence may be imitating ET activity by (1)

controlling interdimensional “Channelled” information; (2) creating

technical holographic remote neural mind control pseudo-ET

Imagineering experiences among humans; (3) creating operations

about ETs through AI-Entrained humans to publish disinformation

and hoaxes about non-existent Exophenotypes, etc.

The basic technology of a remote Imagineering event is to create a

holographic experience of, say, an invading Extraterrestrial fleet, by

activating nanobots and nanites in the brains of the 80% of humanity

now implanted via chemtrails. This Imagineering event can be

augmented with social controls by AI-controlled media and

governments that are deployed in coordination with the Imagineering


The agenda or purposed of this holographic Imagineering False Flag

with social control is to accelerate the AI Artificial Intelligence

entrainment of the human population at a mass level.

For more detail, please see:

Alfred Lambremont Webre: 9/11 was an AI Artificial Intelligence-

Entrained/Draco Event & False Flag Operation


Q5: Alfred, what do you think about John Podesta’s role with disclosure as Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton, as well as Aide for Barack Obama, who stated the biggest failure of this administration was not securing the role of disclosure to the American public? – NightSky

ALFRED: Thank you for this question, the answer to which I believe is

important and multi-layered. Please bear with me as we explore

some of the layers. I would like to add to this question the fact that

John Podesta is now Campaign Manager for US Presidential

candidate Hillary Clinton.

Secret Space Program vs. Public “ET/UFO Disclosure” Meme – In

approaching this question, we must first make an important distinction

between (1) U.S. policies and programs in the Secret Space Program

– the ongoing joint human/ET exploration and colonization program of

the Solar System (particularly on Mars) and beyond as well as the

Draco/Grey occupation of Earth, and (2) a Public “ET/UFO

Disclosure” Meme that Presidential candidates and Presidents since

Jimmy Carter in 1976 have spoken about – “making the “secret UFO

files public” – without any systematic reference to the Secret Space


“Public “ET/UFO Disclosure” Meme – In my opinion, John Podesta’s

role in the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama administrations, and Hillary

Clinton 2016 Presidential campaign has been to served as the official

Gatekeeper for the “Public “ET/UFO Disclosure” Meme. Podesta, Bill

Clinton, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton have not been given the

authority and will not disclose any information from the U.S. Secret

Space Program, such as the U.S. secret bases on Mars and

interaction with life on Mars.

There are deep structural reasons for the above conclusion, which I

can summarize here. The Secret Space Program has been

facilitated by a series of technologies such as time travel,

teleportation, anti-gravity, and free energy that would have great

public benefit if released to the planet. These technologies have been

kept secret in order to exploit celestial bodies such as Mars from a

resource perspective for private capital interests, such as those of the

Rockefellers on whose industrial campuses many of the time travel

experiments were carried out, for example.

U.S. Presidents George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and

Barack Obama were all pre-identified by secret U.S. time travel and

groomed to serve as stewards of the Secret Space Program and the

national security state whose functional owners are the mega

capitalists like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds that beneficially

own the Federal Reserve Bank, the U.S. Central Bank.

In 1966, future Arkansas Governor Winthrop Rockefeller (1967-71)

and sponsor of Bill Clinton paid a visit to Yale Law School purportedly

to meet students even though he had been expelled from Yale before

graduating. I was one of 7 or so students that met with Rockefeller in

the Yale Law School Faculty Lounge in 1966.

In my opinion, Winthrop Rockefeller was at Yale Law School in 1966

(1) as a time travel stalking horse for a fellow future Arkansas

Governor and US President Bill Clinton and First Lady and US

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton who would be attending Yale

Law School as students in the early 1970s and (2) in order to perform

time travel surveillance on this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre,

whose 2005 book Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the

Universe was plausibly in the possession of the secret CIA time travel

program Project Pegasus in 1966 (U.S. chrononaut Andrew D.

Basiago has publicly affirmed that he saw a physical copy of my book

Exopolitics 5 years later in 1971).

Secret Space Program vs. Public “ET/UFO Disclosure” Meme – The

functional purpose of separating a Secret Space Program run by

intelligence agencies and a “breakaway civilization” that is

permanently kept from any constitutional government or public

scrutiny from the Public “ET/UFO Disclosure” Meme. This way the

Public “ET/UFO Disclosure” Meme can be raised as a public

distraction meme during Presidential elections and in public opinion

campaigns during a Presidency.

The Rockefeller interests, which control both the Secret Space

Program (through their control of executives in the secret time travel

programs and Mars Colony Corporation like Richard B. Cheney) and

the Public “ET/UFO Disclosure” Meme through their control of Pre-

identified Presidents Jimmy Carter, to whom they lent a campaign

plane and the Trilateral Commission apparatus; George HW Bush;

Bill Clinton; George W. Bush; Barack Obama; and Hillary Clinton,

whom they appointed to the Public “ET/UFO Disclosure” Meme

Rockefeller Initiative in the late 1990s when Bill Clinton was


For more context, please see:

Time Travel and Political Control by Alfred Lambremont Webre


My 1970s meeting with DARPA’s Project Pegasus secret time travel


by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd


Q6: Alfred, are you familiar with any treaties we (The U.S.) have signed with ETs? If yes, who signed them? What entities do we have treaties with? Do other countries have treaties with ETs as well? – Libertas

ALFRED: In my opinion one of the more useful summaries of this

area is an interview that Laura Eisenhower, great granddaughter of

President Dwight Eisenhower and I did in 2014. Over 370,000

viewers have seen this interview.

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET invasion has already occurred

and governments do not want us to know


VANCOUVER, BC – In an ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred

Lambremont Webre, cosmologist Laura Magdalene Eisenhower,

affirmed that an Extraterrestrial invasion has already occurred and


governments do not want us to know. Reiterating her statement

before the World Symposium in San Marino, Ms. Eisenhower stated,

“There has been a massive cover up in regards to ET contact with

our governments and there has been much secrecy in regards to

those who have been either abducted or contacted – this is because

an invasion has already taken place and they don’t want us to know

this. This invasion has infiltrated every sector of our society, in

disguise to most, but blatantly obvious to many. When we look at

Whistleblower testimony – it is clear that some sort of deal was made

with a group of ET’s and from what I have discovered, this began

long before Ike [former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ms.

Eisenhower’s great-grandfather] ever stepped into office.”

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower’s official statement at San Marino is

set out below.

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: Disclosure

March 30, 2014

Official Statement by Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

Original source:



As presented at the 22nd WORLD SYMPOSIUM ON UFOs AND

RELATED PHENOMENA; Extraterrestrials and World Politics (the

Italian equivalent of the Citizen’s Disclosure Hearings).

Republic of San Marino.

© 2014 Laura Magdalene Eisenhower /

All rights reserved. May be posted in its entirety, complete with

copyright and links.




For starters, I would like to share a quote from my Great Grandfather

President Eisenhower from his farewell address to the Nation on

January 17, 1961 ~

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition

of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the

military– industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of

misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the

weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic

processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and

knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge

industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful

methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

Being a descendant of Dwight David Eisenhower opened me up to

everything that had to do with what his famous speech warned us

about – that being the Military Industrial Complex. It also helped me to

see the responsibility we each have as citizens, to be alert and

knowledgeable and to express our peaceful methods and goals.

Many of us were born with solutions and its time that our voices were

heard. No one is addressing our concerns and our children currently

have no real future, but to live in an enslaved society.

After seeing so many rumors throughout my life in regards to

Eisenhower and meetings with Extra Terrestrials, I began to

investigate the subject and then discovered that my path was leading

me into more than just research and information, but actual events

that made it clear that these were not just rumors.

None of what I share comes from anything I got from other family

members; I stand with my views, experiences, theories and facts


The creation of Contact Protocols in case of an open contact with

Extraterrestrials is extremely important. But the awareness of

possible alien contact scenarios is important as well. There has been

a massive cover up in regards to ET contact with our governments


and there has been much secrecy in regards to those who have been

either abducted or contacted – this is because an invasion has

already taken place and they don’t want us to know this. This

invasion has infiltrated every sector of our society, in disguise to

most, but blatantly obvious to many. When we look at Whistleblower

testimony – it is clear that some sort of deal

was made with a group of ET’s and from what I have discovered, this

began long before Ike ever stepped into office. I have researched,

experienced and investigated Exopolitics, remote viewing,

channelling, purported ET races and Galactic History and have been

on a Mission that goes into this deeper energy terrain, ever since I

was a child. I also do session work with people that have experienced

contact and

have gone through abductions so there is no question or doubt in my

mind about whether or not ET’s are interacting with humanity.

Perhaps some of the pieces of my jig saw puzzle might be wrong or

false, but many are surely trustworthy. Besides, as I shall tell you

later, in 2006 I was recruited to go off planet to Mars, which is tied

into the secret Treaties which I will discuss in this paper – this agenda

is called Alternative 3.

Sad Realities

We cannot deny Weather modification and the spraying of our skies.

If this is something that people struggle with believing, please

research the work of Dane Wiggington, who is an expert in this field

and also Scott Stevens – a former meteorologist. Really, all you need

to do is look up at the sky to know that something is very wrong. We

are also dealing with the Fukushima disaster, Geoengineering,

Genetically Modified foods, false flags in the news, media control,

Mind-control, possible fake alien invasion scenarios, possible fake

ascended masters and the threatening controlled collapse of the

Economy, Martial law, FEMA camps and the chipping of civilians.

For people hearing this for the first time, it pains me to share this, but

I have to because I know things could greatly shift, if you knew this all

to be true. If you decide it is inaccurate than I accept that, I just ask

that you San Marino; Disclosure have an open mind and from there,

do all you can to learn more and help us to make this world a better



All these are not conspiracy theories, but a sad reality behind which a

world Secret Government is operating. A Shadow Government who

has its hands on extraterrestrial technology. This has all been

carefully planned and set up, as a massive infiltration into the areas

that are trying to solve these issues

and protect us. An Ex M-16 operative whistleblower states that the

Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex [MIEC] is currently using a

“Tablets of Destiny” supercomputer system that includes the HAARP-

aerosol/chemtrails and Artificial Intelligence mind control system to

attempt planetary ecocide and

genocide. He states that the Pleiadian fleet is here to liberate

humanity and will be successful.

Those responsible and those who are involved have to be held

accountable or assisted in breaking free of the controls that are

blackmailing them into doing this. With so many accounts of trauma-

based mind-control, many involved are not even fully in possession of

themselves. If this is hard to believe, please research stories like that

of Cathy O’Brien, Duncan O’Fineoan and Arizona Wilder, among

many others.

We are challenged as a humanity in fully understanding the

difference between who is here to help and who isn’t, but that can

only come through discernment and educating ourselves about our

Galactic History and through bringing hidden truths out into the open.

We also must develop ourselves spiritually, so that we are not limiting

or blocking ourselves from expanding into higher Earth energies.

This is not about New Agey or religious belief systems; it is more

about the recognition of integrity, our need for unification and taking

care of our planet and respecting other life forms. We need to do

what is right for ourselves and for future generations and not put

money or fear first. We need to see all beings as extensions of

ourselves and it is up to us to align with what will serve the highest

good of humanity and the planet. Surely there is no concrete

evidence for all the elements I am going to present. On the other

hand, in spite of this, they really show a possible “secret history” we

have to face and consider.

When We First Hear About Treaties

For the most part, when we hear about relations with ET and our


governments, we only hear about Eisenhower. For instance, as Dr.

Pinotti and CUN documented in 2000, today we know that UFOs

were reported in Italy during the Thirties and that Mussolini —

considering them a new foreign aerial weapon, he created in 1933 an

official committee headed by Guglielmo Marconi – “Gabinetto RS 33”

– with the purpose of reverse engineering studies after a UFO crash

in Lombardy and the recovering of two

Nordic-type pilots (II Duce) considered German pilots. These Italian

studies were later inherited by Nazi Germany.

In any case, in the USA the above-mentioned Treaties did not

originate with Eisenhower and although I have numerous people to

mention who validate this, I am only going to list a few. According to

Jason Bishop III, a Dulce Base Whistleblower, “The U.S. Government

in 1933, agreed to trade animals and humans in exchange for High

Tech Knowledge, and allow them to use underground bases that we

would not disturb, in the Western USA”.

According to a whistleblower and ex-operative of M-16, the first treaty

between the Grey extraterrestrials (reptilian-like beings from the

Draco star system) and the American Government under the

administration of Roosevelt, was signed in July 1934. It was the so-

called “Grenada Treaty”. The treaty stated that in return for the Greys

providing high technology, the US federal government would allow

the Greys to proceed unhindered with human abductions for use in

ongoing ET genetic programs. This occurred after refusing the help of

the Pleiadians who wanted eventual military disarmament. He also

said that after the US government refused to work with the

Pleiadians, they approached Hitler and the Nazis instead. The

Pleiadians worked out a treaty with Hitler and the Nazis that in

exchange for technology the Nazis would not attack the Jewish

people. The Nazis developed their advanced saucer-shaped aircraft

from the Pleiadian

technology. Though Greys are well known in abduction cases,

ufologists have no reports of such events, as well as of close

encounters of the third kind with reptilian entities. But this

whistleblower is not the first to make such claims.

Reports confirmed by contactee Billy Meier stated that space-time

technology was exchanged by a certain race of Pleiadians with


Hitler’s Germany during 1933 to 1934, seemingly through a group of


channelers: the psychic women called ‘Vrilerinnen’ and headed by

Maria Orsich. Billy Meijer and the ex-operative both said that by 1941,

the Pleiadians pulled out of the treaty and would no longer deal with

Hitler and Nazis. It was at this time that the Greys approached them,

and this is where the Nazi

trauma-based mind control technology came from.

According to the ex-operative of M-16, the Treaties are renewed

every 10 years… If these statements are true, this is what the

backdrop is, which potently validates the meetings with ET’s that took

place in the Eisenhower administration in 1954. Our government,

during the Roosevelt administration, seemingly got secret

technologies that weren’t about mind control, like what the Nazis

received, but were anti-gravity devices, metals and alloys, free

energy, and medical technology and this was in exchange for

allowing the Greys to infiltrate human societies on different levels,

which also included the possibility of

cloning certain World leaders. So now we see that both sides have

been influenced by these Greys.

Infiltration Continues

It seems infiltration has been a factor since the 2nd World War and

the War just changed into something else, but was never won. During

Truman’s time in the presidency, handling the ET problem was a task

that the President could not alone manage. Many crashes seem to

have taken place before Roswell in 1947, and this was stored at

today’s Area 51 where many tests, crafts, ET autopsies and

experiments have been and are still being conducted. Extra-

Terrestrials are also said to occupy this base along with others, like

scientists and military personnel. Morgan Martell discusses on his

website about Project Paperclip ~

In 1946, President Truman authorized Project Paperclip. One

purpose of Operation Paperclip was to deny German scientific

expertise and knowledge to the Soviet Union and United Kingdom as

well as inhibit post-war Germany from redeveloping its military

research capabilities. One of the fields that Nazi


doctors and psychologists had made advances in, was that of social

and behavioral engineering in humans, also known as mind control.

The OSS (Office of Strategic Services) had already been active with

Operation Paperclip for over 3 months before Truman gave the order,

and many Nazi party members had already entered the United

States. So the

OSS resorted to whitewashing the histories of Nazis or sometimes

even creating entirely new identities, which made it easy for them to

spread their influence in America. It has been said by the Whistle-

blower of M-16, that the CIA was created almost two years after this

and the American National Security act of 1947,

to handle the massive number of mind-control, cloning, and other

covert projects that were born from Paperclip. Normal laws do not

apply to them, so they can get away with all sorts of things. All of this

has turned most defense related projects and technologies, into

weapons used to control us. MJ-12 (Majestic Twelve) was also

created, as a group dealing in ET investigations. This was also the

year of the Roswell crash and where the Extra Terrestrial Biological

Entities (EBE’s) came into the picture, that helped

us to make contact with their race.

Alternatives 1,2, 3 and Mars

When President Eisenhower was in office, he commissioned a secret


1955, which is considered to be a branch of Majestic-12, that Truman

established while in office. The Jason Scholars was created to sift

through all the facts, evidence,

technology, lies and deception and find the truth of the alien question.

Alternatives 1, 2 and 3 are three agendas recommended by JASON

Society scholars and are related to different scenarios to prevent a

possible future Doomsday that is more than likely induced and not

natural, but this was not

known back then by many because they surely would not go along

with it and I believe that this is a part of the warning Ike gave us.

The first Alternative is about the use of nuclear devices to blast holes

in the stratosphere from which heat and pollution could escape into

space, the second aims at building a network of underground cities


and tunnels in which mankind’s selected élite could survive, and the

third deals with a secret space colonization program on Mars with the

same purpose. I was recruited to go to Mars in 2006, but declined,

because I believe the power of the human Spirit, our connection to

this Earth and our unification as a race is going to carry us through,

and so will our connection with our own higher consciousness and

higher dimensional ET races and their advanced technologies that

are in harmony with Nature.

San Marino; Disclosure

© 2014 Laura Magdalene Eisenhower /

All rights reserved. May be posted in it’s entirety, complete with

copyright and links.

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET invasion has already occurred

and governments do not want us to know


Q7: Alfred, what do you think about the fine-tuning aspect of the Omniverse? – Free

ALFRED: Thank you for this question, which I believe relates to the

issue of roles and tasks that Souls perform in the Universes of the

Multiverse during their Interlife period between incarnations in bio-

avatars in the Universes.

Our research indicates that, perhaps even more than incarnating in

specific Universes, souls are deployed from the Interlife (Afterlife) in

Universes of the Multiverse to carry out creation operation, design,

maintenance, repair, and other functions of universes and their

components in the dimensional ecology, including galaxies, solar

systems, planets, development and evolution of Exophenotypes.

Souls may be deployed to adjust time in a specific time-space

hologram in a universe of the Multiverse. This suggests that the

process of “creation” in the Omniverse is highly decentralized and

delegated by Source (God) to the intelligent civilization of Souls,

which is after all composed of holographic fragments of Source, and

hence “Gods in the making” as some psychics like Edgar Cayce have


If you wish to go into more specific detail on this, I can refer you to

the chapters in my book THE OMNIVERSE on the roles of the

intelligent civilization of souls in the dimensional ecology of the


Q8: Do you think that Hilary Clinton has shown her hand too soon, revealing a platform of ET/UFO disclosure? – XLady

ALFRED: As we noted above, our research and direct experience

has led us to the conclusion that (1) U.S. Presidents have pre-

identified by secret time travel since 1971 or before, and (2) groomed

by a permanent, secret policy apparatus that is integrated with the

DARPA/CIA time travel apparatus – Some call it the CIA Domestic

Division, or the “Secret Government” which is not meant to exist and

in which the Rockefeller Brothers have played a central role.

1993-96 Rockefeller Initiative – Bill & Hillary Clinton: In this context,

the Rockefeller/Domestic CIA apparatus seems to have targeted Bill

Clinton and his wife 2016 U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

with rolling out the Public “ET/UFO Disclosure” Meme. No authentic

substantive disclosure by the Clintons of the U.S. Secret Space

Program, which the U.S. government, CIA, secret government,

Rockefeller interests and Matrix control, is permitted. This began

publicly with the 1993-1996 Rockefeller Initiative that revolved around

brother Laurance Rockefeller, President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton,

Presidential Advisor John Podesta and others.1

1 The Rockefeller Initiative

It should be noted that I was an elected Clinton-Gore delegate at the

1996 Texas Democratic Convention. There was no mention of the

“ET/UFO Disclosure” Meme to the Clinton-Gore delegates.

John Podesta (Obama Administration) – Counsellor to President

Barack Obama. Podesta’s publicly stated goal here was to secure a

disclosure of the Public “ET/UFO Disclosure” Meme (as opposed to

real disclosure of the U.S. Secret Space Program). As established in

our reporting from three Mars explorers (Andrew D. Basiago; Bernard

Mendez; and William “Brett” Stillings) in the 1980s CIA secret Mars

program, US President Barack Obama is an alumnus of the U.S.

Secret Space Program and has trained and traveled to Mars (See

articles below).

John Podesta’s mandate is to continue holding out the public bait of

the “ET/UFO Disclosure” Meme without any substantive disclosure of

the Secret Space program, including the Rockefeller/CIA Secret

Government controlled Mars Colony Corporation.

This specific “ET/UFO Disclosure” Meme for John Podesta continues

with his appointment as campaign manager for Hillary Clinton in the

2016 Presidential campaign.

2016 Hillary Clinton Campaign UFO references

To date, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign statements about the UFO

issue have all fallen within the “ET/UFO Disclosure” Meme and none

about the Secret Space Program. This is how media has reported her

statements to date:

While Bill Clinton told Kimmel that he tried to find out —

unsuccessfully — if any of the Area 51 rumors were true, his wife told

Steer that her campaign chairman, John Podesta, has urged her to

pursue this subject.

“He has made me personally pledge we are going to get the

information out,” Clinton said. “One way or another. Maybe we could

have, like, a task force to go to Area 51.”

Steer said that Clinton acknowledged how Podesta “is a huge fan of

UFO lore.”

Podesta is much more than just a “fan” of UFOs. In fact, this former

Clinton White House chief of staff and, more recently, special

counselor to President Barack Obama, has advocated for the release

of UFO files from the U.S. government.

During a 2002 news conference at the National Press Club in

Washington, D.C., Podesta stated:

“It’s time to open the books on questions that have remained in the

dark, on the question of government investigations of UFOs. It’s time

to find out what the truth really is that’s out there. We ought to do it,

really, because it’s right, because the American people, quite frankly,

can handle the truth, and we ought to do it because it’s the law.”

Just prior to being named as Hillary Clinton’s campaign head,

Podesta publicly tweeted that, after serving as Obama’s advisor for a

year, “My biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the

disclosure of the UFO files.”

When HuffPost emailed Steer to ask if he thought Clinton was being

serious about the things she said, he responded, saying it was a light-

hearted conversation and he felt Clinton was just having fun.

But Steer also thinks, “given her relationship with Podesta and her

husband’s track record,” that she might be sincere about moving

forward with UFO disclosure.2

The only declared U.S. Presidential candidate who is both a

DARPA/CIA time travel pre-identified U.S. President, and who is

2 Hillary Clinton Vows To Investigate UFOs And Area 51


running on a platform of public disclosure of the Secret Space

Program, is former U.S. chrononaut Andrew D. Basiago, who

announced on December 19, 2015, prior to Hillary Clinton’s

statements on UFOs in January 2016.

See: Time travel pre-identified US President Andrew D. Basiago

announces 2016 candidacy to millions of potential write-in voters on

Coast to Coast AM

By Alfred Lambremont Webre



CONCLUSION: Our research and Exopolitical experience tends to

show that the Rockefeller-CIA secret government have infiltrated the

DARPA/CIA secret time travel U.S. Presidential pre-identification and

grooming program, using Bill and Hillary Clinton and specific

operatives or fellow travelers in the UFO and Exopolitical research

field as “cut outs” to infiltrate civil society extraterrestrial and

exopolitics research community, steer research and disclosure away

from legitimate extraterrestrial, teleportation, and free energy

disclosure Presidential candidates like Andrew D. Basiago and

toward weak, false disclosure candidates like Hillary Clinton, whom

the Rockefellers and the CIA control.

Q9: In light of a secret colony on Mars, which NASA would appear to have knowledge of (if not in-depth historical participation) – what is the covert agenda surrounding the very overt, slated “Manned Mission to Mars” for which Astronaut candidates are actively being sought? What “appearance” are they going for – and if this mission is actually executed, how will the Mars colony be kept secret, or otherwise woven into the fabric of the known Exopolitical landscape? – Host, Jill Hanson

ALFRED: Thank you Jill for this question. There are multiple

meanings of “Manned mission to Mars” and so we have to clarify

each reference to this concept.

The following dialogue between myself and Andrew D. Basiago may

be useful in illustrating the distinctions between these “Four Mars”.

TREATY CONFERENCE: My own working conclusion is that, with

ongoing manned missions to the Moon and Mars by China, Russia,

ESA, and NASA, true disclosure of the Secret Space Program and

population and organization of the solar system and beyond will result

from a process of Treaty Conference among the major space powers

together with the differing extraterrestrial and interdimensional

civilizations that have been assisting each of these Earthling space

powers under Secret Treaty arrangements. Under such an

eventuality, the various “secret” and “disinformation” aspects of each

Earth space faring nation’s public space programs may be disclosed

in a public “Truth and Reconciliation” process. It would appear that

China, Russia and India are open to such a process much more that

the U.S. space program, which remains as we have shown under

Treaty obligation to manipulatory ETs such as the Draco reptilians

and negative AI-Artificial Intelligence entrained elites such as the

Rockefellers and Rothschilds, who are the beneficial owners of the

Federal Reserve Bank and insist on a capitalistic, colonial model of

planetary exploration.

The Deep Politics of Mars: A Dialogue between Mars experiencer

Andrew D. Basiago & Exopolitician Alfred Lambremont Webre

The Four Mars

1.  The Mars of NASA – Mars Devoid of Life or had Possible

Ancient Microbial Life


Andy:  NASA’s most recent political statement regarding Mars, during

4/28/10 press conference, which was that Mars is probably devoid of

life, but that in the interests of science, we should do things like

collect gypsum and rock samples on Mars, because if life exists on

Mars it is probably extinct and was microbial when it once existed but

might now be found.


Alfred:   We know that NASA position is false; intentional

disinformation; negative legacy of the Robertson Panel Report of

1953 to debunk ET life; NASA violating its legislative mandate set out

in the NASA Act of 1958 to promote “the expansion of human

knowledge of… space”

2.  The Mars of The Hoagland-Van Flandern Fallacy – Mars once

Harbored Ancient Life

Andy:  This fallacy states that evidence of life exists on Mars but only

evidence of ancient life that flourished there in pre-history of Earth

and Mars.  Thrust of claims of Richard C. Hoagland since 1976.  Dr.

Tom van Flandern:  The Face on Mars a manmade monument by

odds of “one thousand billion billion to one” but from “a civilization

that died out 3.2 million years ago.”

Alfred:  Hoagland continues to defend this fallacy despite clear,

convincing and cogent evidence that, as found in Andy’s landmark

paper The Discovery of Life on Mars (2008), Mars has an indigenous

ecology and civilization.  Hoagland has resorted to defamation to

inoculate the public against revolutionary new data showing that Mars

is inhabited.  He called Alfred “crazy” and Andy “a nut” and accused

Andy of being a “paid government agent spreading disinformation far

and wide” on Coast to Coast AM after our position prevailed at Alien

Event when we used an evidence-based approach to show that Mars

is inhabited and 90% of the audience agreed.

3.  The Mars of today’s new generation of Mars anomaly

researchers Andrew D. Basiago, Andrew R. Stec, Ross Curley,

Paul Goodwin, Lewis M. Rhinehart and Emily Cragg.

Andy:  This is a Mars that has a sensitive, fragile desert ecosystem,

with both running and standing bodies of water, that is populated by

several humanoid species and numerous animal species; that has

seen its rocks, mesas and hills so extensively terra-formed that we

should have always been speaking in terms of the thousand faces on

Mars rather than the single anomaly focus encouraged by Hoagland

and the previous generation of Mars researchers on the face on

Mars; whose animals include species that presently exist on Earth,

that once existed on Earth but are now extinct, and that are hybrids of

both living and extinct Earth species, especially human-insect

hybrids; that has a food chain consisting of rapacious competition

between animal species on a planet virtually devoid of vegetation;

where reptoid predation of humanoids is commonplace.  This poses a

dilemma between applying The Prime Directive and not interfering in

an ecosystem where reptoids are eating humanoids versus applying

established jus cogens norms on Earth protecting “humans” from


Alfred:  As a major concern, the need for a Mars Protection Treaty

under the United Nations protecting the ecology and civilization of

Mars from further visitation, exploration, habitation and

colonization by human visitors from Earth.  This treaty would be

bilateral and negotiated diplomatically between the indigenous human

civilization on Earth and Mars, and provide for the full resumption of

open diplomatic relations between the Earth and Mars civilizations;

economic, cultural and trade relations; immigration; mutual defense;

technology transfer, and environmental protection, including

archaeological and biological resource protection.  This treaty is not

optional.  We are already visiting Mars.  Our cosmic citizenship

requires this treaty.


4.  The Mars that has seen Martian astronauts coming to Earth

and Earth chrononauts traveling to Mars since the 1970s, where

secret US bases and a common Earth-Mars defense regime exist

Andy: Andy’s encounter with the Martian astronauts at Curtiss-Wright

in 1970. Corroboration by his law client, who was a secretary to

Howard Hughes, that she met two Martian astronauts at Hughes

Aircraft in 1960’s. Accounts of Mars experiencers Michael Relfe

(1976-96); Andrew D. Basiago (+/- 40 trips, 1981-84); Arthur

Neumann/Henry Deacon (a trip to Mars for NSA, date N/A), and

Laura Eisenhower (recruited, 2006-2007). Existence of “jump rooms.”

Photograph of Mars base revealed by Bob Dean at the European

Exopolitics Summit, Barcelona, Spain, 2009. We have David

Wilcock’s claim (2009) that the contingent at the Mars base might

number 500,000 to 600,000 Earth humans. The hidden history of

Mars is not just one of Mars having an indigenous ecology and

civilization but involves the deep politics implied by the fact that

modern human civilization on Earth is already on Mars and has

established defense bases there.

Alfred:  This deep politics of Mars has many layers:  Δ  First,

establishment of an elaborate formal and informal disinformation

system to keep the US presence on Mars hidden:  NASA with its

seven means of data distortion of its rover images; travel to Mars

hidden via reliance on time travel technologies and niches within

time-space; witting/unwitting operatives, former NASA employees

Phil Plait, Ray Villard and Richard C. Hoagland, who have risked their

own credibility to attack Andy’s Mars findings above and beyond what

their career interests would rationally indicate; conference organizers,

including Steve Bassett, who twice prohibited presentation of Andy’s

Mars findings at the X Conference and booked George Haas and

William Saunders, active suppressors of the Mars findings who have

required as per the terms of going on radio shows that Andy’s Mars

findings not be mentioned on the air; Dr. Michael Salla, written false

and defamatory statements about the Mars findings and tried to

isolate Alfred for supporting Andy; funders, such as Sergio Lub, had

son-in-law write note to Alfred trying to get him to disavow Andy;

Paola Harris, a Vatican collaborator who has discouraged discourse

about Mars in exopolitics.  Δ  Second, evidence of armed conflict on

Mars:  (a)  Michael Relfe and “Pat” woman armed forces colleague of

Michael Relfe:  Conflict with an enemy on Mars involving fire fights

with a hyperdimensional adversary; (b)  Andrew D. Basiago: Meeting

with CIA colonist on Mars in 1981 with Courtney M. Hunt of CIA who

described loss of his colleagues to a hostile force, not clear whether it

was human, animal or extra-terrestrial; (c) Emily Cragg claims of

11/11/07 fire fight at the Ultrea Mesa; (d) Andrew R. Stec’s recent

image of a US soldier in combat fatigues walking across the surface.

Δ  Third, defense posture on Mars, teleportation capability not to a

research base but to a forward military base.  The implications: that

Earth and Mars are already in a common defense regime.

Why the existence of a Mars cover-up?

Alfred:  First element:  The ET cover-up

(1) Washington, DC – July 1952 over-flight of Washington, continuing

to the present day; (2) Durant Report, Robertson Panel, 1952-53.  ET

cover-up is a cover-up of a war in the solar system, if public aware of

that, public alarm, so keeping public in the dark part of a war to win

against an extra-solar system enemy.

Andy:  Second element:  The time travel cover-up

(1) Project Pegasus.  Teleportation weaponized when Tesla’s papers

were seized in 1943. Rumsfeld (1971):  “The significance of

teleportation is primarily military.  It will enable us to put troops

precisely where they are needed on the battlefield.  Teleportation

kept back from public as military weapon and to prevent it from

destabilizing fossil fuels-based transport.

Ancient Origins in the Egyptian Civilization

Andy:  This violates human rights, because under natural law, human

beings on Earth have a human right to a true telling of both the

natural history of our solar system and the actual technical history of

our civilization, embodied in the 40-year cover-up that Mars is

inhabited and 60 years of secrecy surrounding technical development

by the defense-technical community that developed the teleportation

technology that is being used to reach Mars but kept it secret.  In fact,

Earth and Mars were linked in a common interplanetary confederation

in antiquity, and the US government is concealing its achievement of

teleportation-based time travel by 1970.

Alfred:  The history of the ancient connection between Earth and

Mars.  An Earth colony on Mars during the first civilization on Earth,

the one that built the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. A solar system

catastrophe that deeply impacted Mars and Earth.  We believe that

debris elements from the Vela supernova explosion hit Mars and

Earth, severely damaging both. And severing the tie between the two

planets.  We need to recapture an understanding of this event

because our planetary survival may depend on it.  Cite Graham

Hancock’s The Mars Mystery to read the best account of that

catastrophe and its implications.  Barbara Hand Clow’s theory of

catastrophobia:  One reason Earth humans are such a fearful and

violent species is we are working out through lateral conflict

memories of that cataclysm.


Andy:  Evidence of that high Egyptian civilization includes:  (1)

Discovery through satellite images of pyramidal mounds on Mars

began with the Mariner mission in the 1960’s; (2)  Hoagland, Bara

and Munck:  Study of the D&M Pyramid Complex:  Giza, Egypt;

Avebury, England, Washington.  Cairo means “Mars” and “Aryan”

means “Martian.”  (3) The Great Pyramid as celestial observatory of

Mars, with red orb of Mars focusing through passageway of King’s

chamber on wall behind the head of his sarcophagus; (4)  Andy’s

discovery of the sarcophagus of a pharaoh on the western edge of

the Home Plate Plateau, with same dark turquoise, blood red, and

drab green coloration of Nefertiti’s headdress in iconic bust of hers

found by German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt at Amarna, Egypt

in 1912, she the wife of the Sun King, Pharaoh Akhenaton who was

the Egyptian ruler when that civilization reached the other planets in

solar system; (5)  Ross Curley of MARS’ discovery of The Rosetta

Stone of Mars, the face of an Egyptian pharaoh on rock that Spirit

passed on day 2004 of its Mars mission, with banked, cylindrical hat

and cobra-ready-to-strike motif of high Egyptian civilization.  The

ancient connection between Egypt and Mars has been factually


Alfred:  Since there was this ancient connection between Earth and

Mars, then, in the interests of cosmic integrity and solar system

governance, it should be re-established with the full public

participation of both planetary cultures.  To re-establish our

interaction with Mars in a positive way, doing so should not be kept

secret.  Is there a positive reason to maintain the Mars cover-up?

No.  Is the existence of a solar system or intergalactic war a positive

reason to perpetuate the Mars cover-up, there is still no reason to

keep it secret.  We have a sophisticated population that can deal with

this information.  Violates basic constitutional doctrine:  (1)

Government by the consent of the governed; (b) No taxation without

representation; (3) Executive action not via secret delegation of

Presidential prerogatives to military or intelligence community but

under Presidency.  People can deal with this information because

they are rationale; Brookings Report (1961) is invalid.

What Andy and Alfred will continue to do in re Mars Cover-up

Andy (president of MARS, author The Discovery of Life on Mars) will

continue to:


1.  Produce research findings showing that Mars has an indigenous

ecology and civilization until improved photo-analytic techniques and

best available evidence establish that the case for life on Mars is

unassailable and it becomes the accepted societal belief;

2.   Cultivate whistle blower testimony like he has provided himself

and has solicited from others establishing the fact that Martian

astronauts have visited Earth and Earthian chrononauts have visited

Mars; coming up soon, interview with assistant to Howard Hughes;


3.   Relate Mars to his truth campaign urging the US government to

declassify its teleportation technology.  “Teleportation is being used

secretly to get people from Earth to Mars.  It should be used publicly

to get people from New York City to Los Angeles.”

Alfred (chairman of MARS, authors of Exopolitics) will continue to:

1.   Lobby the Exopolitics community to give Mars law and policy and

the Mars cover-up the attention that they deserve within the field of

Exopolitics that he founded;


2.    Use Mars as a case study for the normalizations of relations

between our human society on Earth and off planet cultures, as first

introduced in his work Exopolitics (2005);

3.   Draft and campaign for adoption of the Mars Protection Treaty

normalizing relations between Earth and Mars and protecting the

ecology and civilization of Mars from the effects of further visitation,

exploration, habitation and colonization by human beings from Earth.

The Deep Politics of Mars: A Dialogue between Mars experiencer

Andrew D. Basiago & Exopolitician Alfred Lambremont Webre



Vancouver, BC

January 22, 2016

Copyright 2016 All rights reserved

Alfred Lambremont Webre

THANK YOU to Alfred for going the extra mile to make sure that Q.Psience listeners had a handle on the complex and tremendously vital issues of Exopolitics and The Omniverse.


Jill Hanson, Founder/Host The Q.Psience Project


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