The Q.Psience Project: A Reaffirmation

January 14, 2016

On the 2nd episode of the The Q.Psience Project, way back in October of 2014, I offered anyone who was listening a brief background about me as well as a short monologue about my vision for the new show on KGRA-db, as well as of The Q. as an organization. Because it has been over a year and the reach of The Project has since grown by leaps and bounds, I feel its time to reiterate that spiel with a few adjustments in order to reground all of us in the spirit and intention of that vision moving forward.

When I’m asked what it is that I do, I typically offer an elevator pitch: “I’m a graduate student in the field of Consciousness Studies,  Founder of an organization called The Q.Psience Project, an independent researcher, educator and a writer.” What I typically keep to myself, but which I feel is even more important than any of these things that I do, are the things that I am. I am inherently curious about the universe in which I live, and I always have been – I am passionate about the endeavors of science and ultimate truth, and for exploring that mysterious frontier where the familiar mechanistic worldview dissolves right before our eyes into something mysterious and unrecognizable, only to reveal the grandest question we could ever hope to ask in this lifetime.

I believe strongly that the heart of truth lies more in the brazen asking of questions than in the procurement of answers: There seems to be a strong need built into the framework of modern science today, the need to “know” and have everything in the world around us, named and neatly labeled in perfectly ordered specimen jars on a shelf, and it’s my desire and mission, to do my part in bringing back to science a level of comfort with the magic of not knowing all of the answers, and a genuine appreciation and affinity for the mystery inherent in our experience of this phenomenal universe we call home – that Great Mystery which calls each of us to ask the questions in the first place, the trek to explore that beautiful, unnamed and elusive thing that draws me and my listeners on KGRA-db together every friday night.

In short, I want to be active in that revolutionary movement dedicated to bringing science full circle, back to its roots and purpose for objectively interfacing with the unknowns of our world and all aspects of our existence within it. I also want to encourage a level of comfort with acknowledging the scope and limitations of a materialist science.

I started The Q.Psience Project in August of 2013 as my way of satisfying two very strong needs within myself: First, my need to create my own opportunity for channelling a fiery impulse within me to explore the most profound questions that I and humanity, have ever faced: “What is reality? Who are we? What is our place in all this?” and maybe the biggest of all, “WHY?” Secondly, I established The Q.Psience Project as my way of addressing the intense compulsion to give back to my global community in a meaningful way, to create change and make a difference in the world. My struggle had always been that I didn’t come into this world with the typical toolbox for change – the tools of doctors and Social Activist for instance – but through my personal  journey, I have learned to use the tools that I do have, tools like inquisitiveness and curiosity, to help bring light into the world. This is my capacity: to fight all of the wars of the world, social and otherwise, by being part of the guerrilla movement dedicated to the systematic deconstruction of the very foundations of the outdated belief systems which allow these tragedies to exist and flourish in the world.

Evolution and Revolution need to be welcomed back into the natural life cycle of the scientific process, because science itself, as anything else, does evolve. Humanity is on the cusp of a New Paradigm, defined by a discipline of science which has unabashedly reclaimed a lens of critical inquiry over the detached and biased skepticism which has, in recent history, constricted the ability of science to accomplish its central purpose. This New Science is open to evidence and data as it presents itself and exists, beyond the ego-driven agenda of the scientist him or herself; the New Scientist recognizes that the true goal and reward of scientific inquiry as the seeking itself, regarding exploration as a disciplined commitment to investigating the nature of reality on its terms over that of the scientist. The New Science Revolution commits to acknowledging and moving beyond human tendency to seek out self-affirming data in disregard of ‘anomalous data,’ simply based on that data’s refusal to conform to rigid hypothesis predicated upon one’s personal belief system.

There was more to that speech about education and the breaking down of barriers between compartmentalized disciplines, but I’ll save that lecture for another day – what I do ask in closing, is that each of you, as we move forward together through this year and next and the one after that – as you listening to me from wherever at the start of your weekends – I want you to think of yourself  as collaborators and co-conspirator toward meaningful change. I want you to take ownership of whatever lures you to tune in to The Q.Psience Project every Friday night, and I want you to harness that, channel it, and join me on an active journey to tipping this old paradigm into the new.

-Jill Hanson, Founder The Q.Psience Project


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