Post Show Q+A With Alfred L. Webre.

This past Friday, January 15th, 2016, I was honored to have had the chance to speak with the founding father of Exopolitics himself, the accomplished Mr. Alfred L. Webre. Alfred was kind enough to suggest that I forward to him those questions which were asked of him through the KGRA-db chatroom during the live show, but which … Continue reading Post Show Q+A With Alfred L. Webre.

The Q.Psience Project: A Reaffirmation

January 14, 2016 On the 2nd episode of the The Q.Psience Project, way back in October of 2014, I offered anyone who was listening a brief background about me as well as a short monologue about my vision for the new show on KGRA-db, as well as of The Q. as an organization. Because it has … Continue reading The Q.Psience Project: A Reaffirmation