Welcome to The Q.Psience Project

THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT was founded in 2013 as a vehicle for bringing mainstream awareness and credibility to the theory of Quantum Consciousness. Through The Organization, Founder JILL HANSON aims to educate the masses by continually offering current perspective-altering concepts and research regarding the nature and necessity of those frontiers which ask each of us to entertain new and more informed ways of addressing our own origins, purpose and place in the universe.

THE PROJECT operates from the critically reflective standpoints that, 1. Science and Spirituality are inherently complementary pursuits as integrally interwoven parts of the greatest Whole. Each discipline holds knowledge, wisdom and insight which is critical and necessary to gain a cohesive “big picture” conceptualization of Reality; 2. Those aspects of reality which are termed ‘paranormal’ and ‘supernatural’ are no more than natural manifestations of an underlying fundamental reality which exists just beyond the scope of our physiological capacity for perception, and offer glimpses into a much more essential nature of Consciousness, Reality and The Universe; 3. Each new generation’s greatest frontiers of knowledge and enlightenment always exist beyond current, commonly accepted belief and popular paradigms of understanding.


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